The 4200 Giant 2-8-2s

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  1. Karl

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    I have attached a couple of pdf files, which contain my thoughts about the 4200's being (arguably) the best-suited, main-line, freight locomotive on the Frisco's roster. Comments are most welcome.

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  2. meteor910

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    Karl - Excellent, thanks.

    This ought to be published in The Meteor.

  3. Frisco1515

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    Karl, These stats on the 4200s are very interesting and I'm eager to see what others think, but I know one man who might have agreed with you. My Uncle was the night foreman at the Ft. Scott roundhouse back in the days of steam, and when the KCS bought those big 2-10-4s from Lima my Uncle said to my Dad, "they just should have bought some 4200s". This may have been partly related to the fact that the KCS had to lay much heavier rail to support the big Limas, or so I was told. Fred
  4. John Sanders

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    Great information. I live about 1/4 mile from the Pearson Creek bridge south east of Springfield. That bridge and the James River bridge were upgraded/rebuilt in 1930...seemingly to accommodate the 4200s. I have not seen records supporting this notion, but I believe the rebuilding must be related.
    John Sanders
    Springfield, MO
  5. Karl

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    John, it is possible your hunch is correct, but the Frisco was running the Spot Class engines between Springfield and Thayer before the 4200's arrived. The Cooper's rating for the 2-10-2's was E69.4; the 4200's were rated at E65.8.
  6. Karl

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    I enjoy your recollections about Ft Scott during the days of steam. I think that the 4200's were not given the accolades that they were due. I would have loved to have listened to one leave Ft Scott, southbound or lift a train up Lenexa Hill.

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