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    The last group of decals I have to sell on eBay are all SLSF boxcars - I call them the technicolor boxcars as they are for cars in various colors the Frisco used to designate a special service the car was in. Can anyone help clarify what each color designated in terms of the service/customer the car was assigned to:

    The data below is from the decal set for each of the four cars in question:
    Box car - blue, 40 ft and 50ft, 1973, diagram shows SLSF154300, a 50ft double door. Who used the blue car?
    Box car - grey, 50ft, 1970, diagram shows SLSF13004. Who used the grey car?
    Box car, orange, 40ft, 1973, diagram shows SLSF 15034. Who used the orange car?
    Box car, beige, 50ft,1973, diagram showsSLSF 700000. Who used the beige car?

    There also are decals for the yellow 86ft high cube auto parts boxcar 1970, and for the yellow 50ft plug door boxcars of 1968 and on, but these were in general service.

    Whoops!, I should have known - a simple look at Nick Molt's book provides answers to the above questions:
    Blue car - General Foods, Memphis, TN
    Grey car - James River Paper Co, Nahcola, AL
    Orange car - Kellogg, Memphis, TN
    Beige car - Schlitz, Memphis, TN (?)
    I was too lazy to check. Should have known better!
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    Good looking car. Looks like an Athearn done by one of the car decorating companies, I forget their names - Bev Bell was one? I had one of those some time ago. I'll bet they didn't stay that good looking for long with road grime, et al!
    I know these existed, have seen pictures, but never saw one in person. It would be interesting to make up a consist mixing in each of the Frisco's technicolor box cars!
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