Tank Car Body On A Maintenance Of Way (MOW) Flatcar - SLSF 109324

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    Thanks, Keith.

    As I said, I discovered that the BevBel kit is a chemical tank car with the platform around the dome and a chemical car dome.

    Additionally, the dome is molded to the tank, not a detachable piece.

    I may be stuck with a completely wrong car.

    I am rethinking what to do with it.

    Thanks for the information.
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    I still have the Athearn 1570 undecorated single dome tank car, no platform, kit and Herald King decal set T-460 Frisco black tank car with yellow dome.

    The kit car looks like the one in the color photograph in Keith's post.

    The decals include lettering for DIESEL FUEL LOADING ONLY.

    The built date in the data is 8-1949, although the Herald King insert says 11-1972.

    The decals are unopened.

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