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Discussion in 'SW1500' started by atsfsd26, May 11, 2023.

  1. atsfsd26

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    I'm detailing an SW1500 and the prototype photos show what looks like a rotary beacon on the cab roof.
    Were these constantly illuminated or did they rotate, flash or were they stratolites or?
    Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  2. klrwhizkid

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    The beacon pictured is a Prime Stratolight. It had four individual electronically controlled, fixed position sealed beam bulbs that would turn on, on at a time in a circular motion.

    HO model parts are available from Details West (RB-106), Athearn (ATHG40371), both of which need a small LED, bulb or light pipe, or from Rapido (102106). The Rapido version has four individual LEDs that are controlled by a ATTiny 13 Programmable controller that turns each LED on, one at a time just like the prototype.

    When using the RB-106 or ATHG40371, a decoder with proper lighting output choices (like those made by SoundTraxx), can create a very reasonable facsimile of lighting changes that look somewhat similar to the prototype
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  3. atsfsd26

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    Hi Keith,
    Thanks for the advice.
    You now have me heading in the right direction.
    I thought it looked like a Prime Stratolight, but wasn't sure.
    Much appreciated.

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