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    Can't really call the building in Rogers a Frisco depot. Wasn't the real depot there until the green monster took control? A group was discussing what they could do with it but couldn't meet the deadline, as I recall. The Bentonville depot was just out of the way enough, out of mind, that it was able to survive.
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    Sad to say but the Weaubleau, Mo depot just collapsed this last spring/summer. They had it roped off with yellow tape. I should have took a pic but it was a sorry sight. I doubght it will ever stand again. The town really has no revenue coming in to speak of.
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    I just read all of the posts again, including mine, and forgot to mention that as far as I know, Buhler, KS is still standing but has been moved and is either a beauty salon of sorts or part of a convenience store.
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  5. Greenwood,AR depot has been moved away is now is south Fort Smith(Bananza,AR) and is used as a private residence. They also have a KCS wooden baywindow caboose in the front yard.
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Jenkins
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    Greenwood was on the MOPAC. I believe you are referring to the Hackett, AR depot that has been moved and is a private residence in So. Sebastian County, AR.
  7. Whoops. It is the Hackett depot. Sorry about that.
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    Do you know the location of the Carthage depot. I will be in that area this June and would like to get a picture of it.

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    As indicated in the thread that Keith posted a link to, the depot is on private property. Strangers are generally not welcome. Carthage is my home town and because the lady of the house knew who I was, she allowed me to enter and take pictures. I will try to post those pictures later this week.

    The caboose next to this depot is a former Missouri Pacific Magor or "Magor copy" caboose that is painted in Frisco colors. The number on the caboose is the same as the street address for the property.
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    The picture of the Carthage depot puts me in mind of the old Spring Hill, KS depot. It was supposedly removed, stone for stone, to be resurrected somewhere at a later date. Does anyone know what the disposition of it was? And what year it was taken down?
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    Here is what I have for Kansas.

    • Anna SLSF Combo Moved On farm off K-7 on Pawnee Station Rd., 0.4 mi south, east side of road
    • Arkansas City SLSF MOW On Site Metal, S 8th & Washington
    • Augusta SLSF Combo On Site Under renovation by city
    • Baxter Springs SLSF Combo Moved
    • Riverton Depot storage in Baxter Springs south of 12th st west of Grant Ave
    • Buhler SLSF Metal Modified Moved East of original site SE 1st & Maple
    • Columbus SLSF Office On Site NE of Tennessee St./Oak St, metal, used by BNSF
    • Columbus SLSF Office On Site E of Tennessee St/Mulberry St, metal used by BNSF
    • Columbus SLSF Combo Moved 6 mi. south on US 69, 1 mile west, 1/4 mile north east side as residence
    • Fort Scott SLSF Yard Office On Site North of Wall St. in use by BNSF
    • Hillsboro SLSF Combo Moved Valley Center depot is residence at Indigo Road & 140th St., 5 mi. south of Hillsboro, SE corner
    • Lenexa SLSF Combo Moved Relocated to Legler Barn Museum, 14907 West 87th Street Pkwy
    • Neodesha SLSF Freight On Site Metal
    • Oswego SLSF Freight On Site In use by SKO, metal
    • Overland Park SLSF Combo Moved Stanley is residence on Kemper Estate, west of Overland Park Arboretum, 179th St & Antioch Rd
    • Paola SLSF freight On Site Metal
    • Pittsburg SLSF freight On Site 4th & Elm in use by BNSF
    • Riverton SLSF Combo Moved See Baxter Springs
    • Stanley SLSF Combo Moved See Overland Park
    • Valley Center SLSF Combo Moved See Hillsboro

    Also, there is a good website for existing railroad structures
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    The Weaubleau Depot was not ready to collapse, as a safety precaution it had been roped off. There appeared to be a desire by certain individuals in the city to get rid of the depot. A vote to determine the fate resulted in Alderman Marvin Stewart and Roland Faith voting to dispose of the depot and Alderman Clint Lightle and Troy Wood voting to keep the depot. Mayor Dick Thompson broke the tie by voting to dispose of it. It was decided to solicate bids for the depot. To my understanding there was one bid to move the depot for restoration and another slightly higher bid from an individual to tear it down for salvage. Unfortunately they elected to sell to the bidder for salvage and it was torn down by the fall of 2011. I am not sure what price the depot brought, I had heard it was somewhere around $550.00. Personally I feel that 30 pieces of silver would have been an appropriate price for the betrayal to our community's history.
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    There's nothing lower on the food chain than the mossbacks that run local governments...

    Tom G.
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    I stepped inside a former Frisco depot for the first time in Van Buren, AR today to ride the A&M to Winslow and back. The only other Frisco depot I've seen Is east of Aberdeen, MS and It probably survived only because the mainline was re-routed for the waterway in the late 70's/early 80's. Why did the Frisco or BN leave some depots and demolish others like those demolished on the Birmingham sub?
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    The 1903 Frisco depot at Fort Smith was open to the public on WEdnesday and the local NRHS Chapter had displays and old time FRisco ers . The 1926 Frisco depot at Fayetteville is a fast food reatsaurant and open to public. The 1900 Bentonville depot is open during the week. The huge Frisco depot at Hugo., OK is a museum and open to the public.The Southwest City, Mo Bentonville Branch depot, used in the 1939 film Jesse James , is in a field serving as a hay storage facility.

    THe Bentonville Branch history, offered to attendees for a $6.00 donation, provides more details.

    Tom Duggan
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    There is a station turned into a residence in St. Louis county. It is 1030 Barberry Ln. I don't know what it was called. Highland maybe?

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    Looked at it years ago when in bad shape. Thought about buying and rehabbing, but, no denaro at the time. It is beautiful now!

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