Sunset Models HO-Scale #1617 Lettered for QA&P

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    Hello All, Interesting info here--I was wondering if anyone has specific info on Decapod 1617, maybe even a photo. I just purchased a Sunset Models version lettered for the QA&P. I would like to see if the lettering/numbering is correct. Model seems to be set up as a coal burner. Thanks, Chris
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    Chris -
    Thanks for the post. Feel free to include a photo of your model; I suspect that folks here can chime in and give their opinions on the lettering's accuracy.

    Here's a photo of #1617 either in Enid, OK or Arkansas City, KS. At least at its 1938 date, #1617 was an oil burner, but I don't have any resources handy to indicate if it ever was a coal burner (or if it was ever sublettered for the QA&P).

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  3. On p. 66 of Joe Collias's "Frisco Power" is a photo of the 1617 in QA&P paint, with what appears to be an oil tender. The caption states that the photo dates from 1950.

    The loco diagram linked in this thread confirms that the 1617 was one of the oilburners in the 1600 class, at least at the time represented by the diagram. Certain locomotives are designated as coal burners, and the 1617 is not one of them.

    Bradley A. Scott
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    Here's the one I bought:

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    I can live with the lettering. Is the doghouse in the center of the tender? It almost looks like it's on the engineer's side of the tender like Botchmann did. Not sure how they came up with that.
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    From the other view, it looks fairly centered (it hasn't arrived yet, I'll have more comment when it gets here). I may have to come up with one of the fancy Quanah nameplates that went on the front of the smokebox. It supposedly is unused, and from a reputable store I've dealt with before. At $160, I thought pretty good for a brass model. (anyway, how is a Frisco fan to resist!)
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    Was the Bachmann HO 2-10-0 Russian actually released? I'm in N scale and was wondering if it would be done in "N" but after the early announcements, I never even heard anything about the HO model??

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    Tom -

    Yes, the HO Bachmann Spectrum Frisco 2-10-0 was indeed released - perhaps 3-4 years ago. I had one briefly - it ran very well, but, after having owned two different United PFM "Frisco Russians", I didn't like the looks of the Bachmann. Somebody else is enjoying it now.

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    From what I understand, the n-scale version was cancelled.

    As I recall, it was originally announced after the HO model was already out.

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