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    Town is really "Strafford" with two Fs.

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    From Richard Crabtree on Frisco Rails Across Missouri:
    Here we are at the Frisco Depot in Strafford, Missouri. Strafford was laid out in 1870 when the railroad was extended to that point, and named after an original owner of the site. A post office called Strafford has been in operation since 1870. According to Ripley's Believe It or Not!, Strafford is the only town in the United States with two main streets and no back alleys. The road to the north was the main street until Route 66 was built between the backs of the businesses and the railroad. The owners simply built new entrances, giving them two front doors.
    Photo 1) Frisco Depot in Strafford, Missouri in 1952.
    Photo 2) Frisco Depot in Strafford, Missouri blueprint ~ MSU Digital Collection
    Photo 3) Frisco Depot in Strafford, Missouri 1902 Plat Map
    Photo 4) Frisco Lines through Greene County
    Click here for current view!3m6!1e1!3m4...

    Frisco Depot Strafford, Mo ca 1952.jpg Frisco Depot Strafford, Mo plan.jpg Strafford, Mo Plat Map 1902.jpg Greene County, Mo Frisco Lines.jpg

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