Stockyards near Ft Smith?

Discussion in 'Ft. Smith Subdivision' started by Turky44, Jan 30, 2020.

  1. Turky44

    Turky44 Member

    where there any stockyards in the area around Fort Smith?

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  2. Karl

    Karl 2008 Engineer of the Year Supporter

    Railroad stock pens or Co-op/municipal pens?
  3. Coonskin

    Coonskin Member

    Yes. Head west over the Garrison bridge toward Moffett, OK. It's on the right. Take the first exit and there you are. Ain't much, but that's the sale barn for the area. That area served by the Mop.

    Morrel Meats had a very small packing plant on Wheeler Avenue that was served by both the Frisco and the Mop. It was just south of the current FSR Wheeler Ave crossing on the right when headed south. You'll see the open area where the pens were. The novelty brick building that was Morrel's plant. (It was a vet office for years, could still be.)

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  4. SteveM

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    Andre, I don't think that was on any track charts I have seen. Interesting. Most meat operations in our general area weren't large. Armour had a "pig facility" in Bentonville, across the street west of the depot. We built a homecoming float there in the early 60's, don' think they had shipped anything by rail for some time by then. The old building came down in the 80's for a lumber yard. There's a pub and a microbrewery there now. Progress?
    Steve Marquess
  5. Coonskin

    Coonskin Member

    The Mop served the sale barn with a siding. I recall an old cattle car still on the siding when I moved to the region in January of '69.

    The Morrell facility was the Rath Packing Co. on the early 60s track charts. I do not recall if it was still Rath or Morrell when I first moved to the region.

  6. Coonskin

    Coonskin Member


    Ft Smith track charts, Zone 4, #485
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  7. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    I am amazed at the livestock carried by rail at that time, Poultry, Sheep, Rabbits, I mean it is amazing.
  8. yardmaster

    yardmaster Administrator Staff Member Administrator Supporter

    As Karl noted, if you’re looking for railroad stock pens...from the 1926 Official List.

    Columns, left to right:
    • Chutes
    • Alleys
    • Water
    • Scales
    • Hay racks
    • Water trough
    • Car capacity
    • Remarks

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  9. Coonskin

    Coonskin Member

    I failed to mention that there were small stock pens on the north end of the existing location of the former Frisco Fort Smith Yard (now A&M). However, that was in the 19th century, a time span in which I doubt ANYONE models within on this forum. Anyway, those stock pens disappeared LOOOONG ago.

  10. john

    john Supporter

    Hey Andre, Here's a map showing the location of the stock pens at the main yard in Fort Smith.

    John ICC v 858_002  Turntable north FS 1937.jpg
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  11. Turky44

    Turky44 Member

    is there more of the map that appears to be from 1937?

    I am interested if there's more of 1937 map
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  12. Coonskin

    Coonskin Member


    Hi. Hope you're doing well.

    That map is "newer" than that one I reference. The stock pens I was referring to are from the 19th century and were roughly up north toward P street. However, in searching through my FS Sub "Maps/Docs" folder, I don't readily find the map... thus... it's quite possible I dreamed the whole thing!!


  13. john

    john Supporter

    I shrunk the resolution a lot but not the area of that map. This was all it showed. What were you looking for? The Fort Smith yard changed quite a bit a few years later with the new roundhouse etc... Andre, I doubt you dreamed it. I think the pens may have moved several times. John
  14. Coonskin

    Coonskin Member

    Hi John!

    My mind may have slipped a cog. When I was going through my maps/docs that I haven't gone through in years looking for the map w/pen I mentioned above, I found a old map that indicated a small stock pen just north of the Van Buren depot. Could be that's the "stock pen just north" my feeble mind was retrieving.

    Anyway... good to see you're still kickin'. Doing anything with V scale/MSTS? Every now and then, I'll piddle with it, but I seriously doubt I'll ever fully complete (scenery et al) another route to the point it's ready for public consumption. What I have been doing is occasionally uploading raw "development" routes for other V scalers to download so they can have a copy to piddle with.

    All fer now!

  15. john

    john Supporter

    Never could get into the V scale like I wanted to. Right now I'm (sorta) working on HO scale, Fort Smith, Arkansas.

  16. Coonskin

    Coonskin Member


    Understood on the V scale thing. Sometimes the best way to enjoy V scale is to let OTHERS do the work and enjoy the fruits of their labor! V scale is very labor intensive. My snag was that I ended up enjoying the route creation process more than the end result. SO... I have a LOT of unfinished route projects on my hard drive.


    Fort Smith, eh? Hop down there to the Off Topic forum to my "Agony" thread and tell me more about what 'cha got goin'!


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