Stockyard and Wood Fence modeling question

Discussion in 'General' started by skyraider, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. klrwhizkid

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    Very nice, Brad!
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  2. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    Very cool Brad!!! I saved the photos for future reference for my layout. It will go on module 06 as part of one of the interchangeable industries. It's mate will be a oil refinery. Altogether there are three positions that are interchangeable.

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  3. yardmaster

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    Paul, on the topic of wheel stops, I used the following treatment on a siding of mine. It's based off of B&B plans that I believe Karl once posted for which I'll have to find and link. I also used a prototype B/W photo of a Frisco steam locomotive that clearly shows one of these dirt pyramids from above - pretty sure it was taken from an interlocking tower in Oklahoma, and I'm about 70% certain it was in Muskogee.

    For mine, I just shaped styrofoam to size, spread on diluted white glue with a brush and sprinkled on sifted dirt. Once it was in place, I added ground foam and weeds to taste.

    I also need to find a print of a photo I took in Chaffee in the early 80s. When the BN truncated the track that used to run immediately adjacent to the old passenger depot, they dumped a pile of ballast at the end. Typically there was a single diesel unit parked here, which made for good photography practice.

    But, I digress. For my 2 cents worth, I think this approach or the rock pile referenced by Karl would be a nice touch at the end of your stock pen spur.

    Best Regards,
  4. Douglas wayne

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    I don't know if you guys know it or not but Tite Bond makes brown wood glue. It doesn't show up like the yellow glue does.
  5. skyraider

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    Thanks, Chris.

  6. skyraider

    skyraider Member

    Bill (or any of the rest you),

    What do you know about the usage of smaller wheelstops like the one pictured? The dirt / ballast pile is what I'm going to use for the stock pen, but I've got quite a few of these I planned on using in different places. Are they too modern for the 40's and 50's?

    WCH wheelstops.jpg WCH stops.jpg


  7. Coonskin

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    Paul asked:

    "What do you know about the usage of smaller wheelstops like the one pictured?"

    I know if you bump them too hard they break the rail. However, don't ask me how I know that.

  8. skyraider

    skyraider Member

    The lighting is pretty poor, but there's another leg of the fence up, some weeds, and ballast / dirt on part of the track to the stockpen.


  9. Looks great Paul. Nice scene.
  10. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    Paul, I think I have the same pickup truck as you do. It's positioned next to my coal trestle on module 05.

    Nice work on your stock yard, the scene is looking great. How close are you to a finished model?


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  11. skyraider

    skyraider Member

    Hi Joe,

    The truck is close but not the same. Mine's a 1954 Ford F350. A few photos are attached--two of the real thing and one of the HO model. I used to own a 1953 Ford F 250 with it's original dumpbed. Never should have sold it, but when I shut our business shop, there was no place to put it.

    The model is probably about half way done. Three of the perimeter fences are complete. Now for the final perimeter fence, alley and chute, and platform. The hardest part is still ahead. I did the easy part first to get the feel of how to build the fences before tackling the chute.

    Ford f250.jpg 1954_ford_f-350_pickup_truck_109056.jpg f3.jpg


  12. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    I think you would be fine for the 50's, the back part was curved like the wheel, would have been earlier.
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  13. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    Bill, thank you for clarifying the end stop for the 1950's. Also for the information about earlier years, with the curved stops. My layout is set in 1948 thru 1952. So a curved end stop would be appropriate for this time era?

  14. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    Yes Joe, it's hard to "track" ha ha new items worked their way west year after year with a hesitation of less profitable lines to upgrade. On some RR's you could still see the older stuff well into the 90's and maybe today. The curved ones would work fine for your era. It would be kinda funny to see the opposite, a later style on the George Town Loop.
  15. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    Bill, I tried to Google photos of the curved end stops and came up with no results. Would you be able to post a photo of the curved end stops?

  16. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg Joe I'm gonna put several on here and date the book I got them out of: 1903 Track Book
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  17. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    image.jpeg image.jpeg 1945 track Cyclopedia
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  18. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

  19. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg Random Photo's Date unknown
  20. skyraider

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    Thanks for the wheelstop info, Bill.

    Paul Moore

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