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    Unfortunately, I don't have a very complete set of Frisco freight car diagrams, or many photos of older cars. :(

    Does the recently released Broadway Limited Frisco stock car have any basis in reality? |-|

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    The BLI stock car claims to be based on the Pennsylvania Railroad K7A design. Does this have anything to do with the Frisco? Probably not. However, the road numbers appear to be correct for a Frisco stock car.
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    It appears that the model makers are making strides to provide modelers with prototype correct freight cars including the stock car. The "dark ages" with Athearn´s yellow box kits and Bachmann´s ready to run stock cars, appear to be loosely designed after a Union Pacific car with "everybodies" roadname offered in their lines. Oddly, the old Lindberg stock car in HO, now produced by Model Power, is almost a spittin´ image to a car on the Mop. There is a photo in Joe Collias´ book on the Missouri Pacific in color with a switcher moving two stock cars that look awful close to the HO model!

    Intermountain and Red Caboose have produced prototype cars for the ATSF and SP and of course there have been a score of brass stock cars imported over the years including ones specific to the B&O and Pennsy. All in HO scale.

    Frisco and Katy fans seem to have been left on the rip track. I don´t recall even Bobbye Hall importing brass stock cars under the Hallmark label. It seems that I will have to Eat Crow again since I was living in Dallas and switching boxcars for Santa Fe when she undertook the brass import venture and none of us Frisco or Katy boys even thought about having her import stock cars. Steam locomotives, cabooses, even passenger cars got on the drawing board but the stock car got left out somehow.

    Vintage modelers can pick up on the LaBelle HO wood kit of the Palace Stock Car which has close kin with the old AHM old time stock car in plastic. My favorite remains the fantasy 50 foot stock car that AHM introduced with the excess height warning on the car ends. It is totally freelanced and despite this fault is still a good looking car just the same. Perfect for freelancers.

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    Doesn't Sunshine sell Frisco stock cars? Two different series?
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    Yep. Kit 54.7 is the 47200 series; 65.7 is the 47000 series w/Samson roof and open slatted ends and FRISCO LINES herald; 65.8 is the same kit with offset Frisco herald.

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    Here is a picture with a Frisco stock car in the background

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    I can smell it from here.

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