StLIM&S (MP) in Springfield -- eastern end?

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  1. While looking up Sanborn maps of Springfield, I noticed that the 1910 Sanborn key map shows St Louis Iron Mountain and Southern (Missouri Pacific) tracks extending northeast from the MP/Frisco crossing at Phelps Ave. to the edge of the map.
    Sanborn Springfield 1910 key map.jpg
    Detail map #55 shows some industrial switching trackage in this area. The StLIM&S track between Prospect and Rogers is designated "main line":
    Sanborn Springfield 1910 map 55.jpg
    I'm aware that there's been some discussion on this forum of Frisco and MoPac switching operations in this area, as in this thread.

    SPV's railroad atlas shows only a short stub of MP track northeast of the Frisco crossing, which seems consistent with the discussion of the Pine Street switching area linked above.

    But I'm curious. The 1910 Sanborn key map suggests that StLIM&S/MP track extended beyond Rogers street. I have a vague recollection of seeing an MP system map which showed a proposed line extending from Springfield north to Sedalia, Mo. Does anyone on the forum know how far StLIM&S/MP track extended beyond the Pine Street area, and whether this was part of a proposed extension to Sedalia?
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    The MOP tracks extended east of Fremont to serve an oil distributor (not Morris Oil). The tracks extended through the oil company property and disappeared into tall grass just south of the school bus facility on Chestnut Expressway. A friend thought the track might have extended nearly to Glenstone at one time.
    John Sanders
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    There was also a proposed, but never built road:

    The Chicago, Hannibal, & Springfield, was surveyed from Chicago to Hannibal, and then Southwest to Springfield. An original projection had the route passing through the towns of Pleasant Hope and Fair Play and then to Springfield. In 1887, the proposed route through these towns was abandoned in favor of one going through Buffalo, MO. Evidently, the promoters of this route hoped to gain the interest of the Alton, the Burlington, the Rock Island, or the MP. It was never built.
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  4. Karl,

    Pretty interesting stuff. I found a few index entries referring to articles about the CH&S in Railway Age between 1887 and 1890, but nothing detailed and readily available. Can you point me toward a good source?

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    Doing some research and came across these old threads and thought I would add some information. The Springfield Public School Warehouse and Bus Barn on Chestnut Expressway is the original location of Associated Wholesale Grocers. AWG would have generated a considerable amount of reefer and insulated boxcar business for MoPac while supplying small "Mom and Pop" grocery stores in the area. I'm not sure when AWG moved to their current location off Hwy 65 at Division, may have been in the late 60's early 70"s. Ed
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    Somewhere I have seen a photo of the N. Side shops and the MP terminal showed in the background.

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