Steelville, MO

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    Steelvile, MO

    Steelvile, MO - Photo from St.James, MO. library. Copied by Pat Moreland.

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    Steelvile, MO - 1996

    Steelville, MO. 3/30/96

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  3. Frisco Depot Steelville Mo


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    :) Steelville, Mo Station - 1924 Sanborn Map

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    Please see the following link for a trackside views of the Steelville, MO depot.[SLSF]MO.jpg (northeast corner) (northwest corner)

    The depot's agent / operator bay faces north north. Railroad west is to the right.

    The depot address is 114 Cedar Street. The depot is currently occupied by the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), Tabor Memorial Post, VFW Post 6479.

    Hope this helps.


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    From Richard Crabtree on Frisco Rails Across Missouri:
    We are still on the Salem Branch of the Frisco Lines. We are the Frisco Depot for Steelville, Missouri. The town was incorporated as a city of the fourth class in 1885. At this time, there were 500 inhabitants. The Lebanon Lodge, Masonic, was chartered on October 14, 1846. The first tailor, Mr. Vanburg, came in town in 1844. The first hotel was owned by James Davis. In 1847, A. W. Johnson opened a blacksmith shop. Andrew Jackson opened the first Post Office. Doctor Dunlap was the first doctor, and in 1838, J. H. Johnson opened the first saddle and harness shop. The Steelville Normal Business Institute was originally at Vichy. It was moved to Steelville with the help of John T. Woodruff of Springfield and Professor Hayes and opened during the latter part of 1890.
    The first Newspaper of Steelville, Steelville Crawford Missouri, was established on May 4, 1874, by Thomas Roberts. The paper was printed in a log cabin the first time and was a Republican paper.
    Photo 1) Frisco Depot Steelville, Missouri in 1908
    Photo 2) Frisco Lines Steelville Missouri ~ Crawford County Mo
    Photo 3) It is 1960 and we are at the Frisco Depot in Steelville, Missouri ~ Maurice Cooper 82 was talking with Frisco Brakeman Albert McDonald ~ the Frisco Fright train was enroute to Salem, Missouri.
    Photo 4) And guess what??? The Frisco Depot in Steelville, Missouri is still standing. It is the local VFW Post in Steelville.
    Click here for current overhead view,+Steelville,+MO+65565/@37.9708452,-91.3529063,187a,35y,180h,39.36t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x87da2d4c9fc53afb:0xd71801989cd46578!8m2!3d37.9692822!4d-91.3517872

    Frisco Depot Steelville Mo 1908.jpg Steelville Mo plat map.jpg Frisco Depot Steelville Mo 1960.jpg Frisco Depot Steelville Mo 2020 - VFW Post.jpg

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