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    I ran across an artist in Rogers, Arkansas that makes very nice cut steel artwork from 14 gauge and 16 gauge steel. I contacted her and presented her with my idea for making two variations of Frisco Coonskins. I had her make one like a stencil (as is most of her work), and another with no stencil lines. I provided her with the Frisco official coonskin layout and had her use a horizontal dimension of 16 inches to produce mine. She made the black stencil design for $44.00 and the solid red/white for $55.00. I think you will agree they look very nice.

    BTW, I got caught up in the project and forgot that I really wanted the black stencil version to include hooks along a lower horizontal rectangle to be used as a throttle hanger. Take a look at her web site and you will see what I was thinking about. I guess I'll have to have her make another but with the dark blue FRISCO LINES / ST LOUIS - SAN FRANCISCO herald version as my throttle hanger.

    IMG_1202.JPG IMG_1203.JPG
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  2. Very cool! Time to grab that stencil and start tagging new equipment!

    Murphy Jenkins

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