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    Does anyone have a really clear photo of the black and yellow steam generator car that's good enough for detail work? It would also be nice to see the roof top. Looking at existing photos, it looks like a modified streamlined baggage car riding on heavyweight this the case or am I drinking my bathwater? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    It does look like a streamline car and it is riding on six-wheel trucks. But they were actually built from older Frisco RPO cars. There was an article in the old FMIG newsletters of a step-by-step plan for a scratchbuilt version of the SG cars. I didn't download that issue as I have the original. (Edit: The SG article is in FMIG newsletter #23, November, 1979) I'm in N scale and I think I'll model one of the SG cars from an Atlas (Rivarossi) or Con-Cor streamlined RPO car. Decals will be the problem--The Microscale set for black/yellow F-unints will do for everything except: the "STEAM GENERATOR CAR" lettering which would probably have to be done with alphabet letters. There are some pretty good photos of the SG cars here on this chat board, but I can't locate any of them right now.

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    I didn't know that the frisco had any steam geny cars. I thought they would only put power on a train that had a steam geny already built in, like a E unit, FP7, or SG GP7.
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    I don't know how to link a previous thread (To a current one), but about a week ago, I posted one of Mike Condren's photos of a lash-up of freight engines pulling a special train. A steam generator car was coupled behind the engines. (Edit: It was titled: "Freight Engines and Steam Generator Cars")

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    Here is how you add a link. Go to the page you want to put the link TO. When your there, go to the address bar and highlight and copy the whole thing. Then go to the thread were you want to put it so people can fin the other thread. Just right click and paste and it's there.
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    re: steam generator car

    Thanks to all for the information on the steam generator car.

    Larry F

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