Status of The Meteor?

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    I have always desired a formal historical society for the Frisco, which would require us to have a first class "The Meteor" publication in order to be successful and attract more members. I remember Joe Collias giving us that lecture at the FMIG annual meeting I hosted here in StL way back in 1981.

    The Frisco is unique for its size and popularity in that we have no HS. Our neighbors MoPac, Santa Fe, GM&O, IC, UP, ACL/SAL, L&N, NYC, PRR, IT, Wabash, TRRA, MKT, etc all have successful HS's with very well done and valuable publications. I'll also bet they have more members than we do. Their annual dues are reasonable. Most are very well run, a few aren't. Most have a solid core of a few dozen who do most of the work.

    But,'s membership does not want to do this, and that is OK. is very well done and impressive, and is totally enjoyable. It is a credit to the great railroad we all admire with its many unique features. So be it.

    Given all that, I totally agree with what Karl and Chris are saying.

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    There has been a plethora of submissions of "Turn of the Twentieth Century" track standards, switch targets, etc. (Thank you very much, "John!") These, plus Ken's submission, set a "pdf-Meteor" issue off to a good start.
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    For everyone that submits scanned material to the site; please scan at the highest resolution possible so that detail can be seen and read. There is still a lot of stuff out there that people have that can be shared so it will be preserved. If you know someone that has materials that could be scanned or digitized, please encourage them to do so.

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