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    Folks -
    Any recommendations on what static grass applicators to go with or, perhaps more appropriately, what static grass applicators to avoid?

    Noch seems to be the standard. As someone who likes to support Missouree-based businesses, I wouldn't mind trying the Woodland Scenics brand. And, there is a $20-$30ish brand (Beecher?) on Amazon, but I worry that "you get what you pay for."

    Thanks, in advance,
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    One of the guys north of the river here in KC has used both the Noch and PECO applicators and prefers the PECO, so much so that he bought their mini Precision applicator as well. Note that the PECO is made by WWS. Comments about the PECO include statements that they need a finer grid to help control flow rate, but it looks like the WWS includes three different grid sizes but the smallest still seems to look large.

    I have made a couple of my own, modifying Harbor Freight Electronic Flyswatters using a Pillsbury or Betty Crocker Cake Icing container and a large pill bottle with a snap-on lid. On the icing container lids, there is a convenient circle that you can use as the guide for the cutting the hole for the grid. I made several grids using different cheap stainless sieves or drain grates that I bought at a dollar store and cut off the heavy metal ring so I could make the sieve lay flat. Then it was easy to cut the sieve to fit inside the cap of the icing container or pill bottle cap and then used hot melt glue to fasten the sieve in place.

    Finally after "adjusting" the output voltage; they work okay, but the name brands see to work just a bit better.

    It is recommended that you use glue that is specially blended for static grass or flocking application.

    Testing the various grass brands, the Silflor Static Grass appears to work the best.
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    Keith, thanks for the summary and feedback. That's most helpful. Trying to map out a plan so that I can get to building and have as much of what I need/want for each stage in hand so that I don't hit a lull while waiting for materials, etc.

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