St. Louis Suburban Timetable 1904

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    I think American prosperity also played a major role. Two cars! I recall as a child when we had only one car my mom would drop my dad off at a bus stop to go downtown and pick him up every day. My grandmother did the same with my grandfather. When I first started to drive, the afternoon pick up of my dad was assigned to me. We had a beautiful 1957 Chevy BelAir 4-door hardtop V-8 and I loved any chance I had to drive it!

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    One of my daily weekday routines was to ride my bike down the two blocks to the MP Maplewood depot and watch the "Nicklegrabber" make its stop and watch/listen to the 6420 class Pacific bark away from the stop. Always on the advertised at 5:41. Sometimes I would try and race it to Sutton Ave, but never stood a chance. Primitive pacing.
    Then one day the disaster struck. It had an ALCO FA on it. Damned diesels.
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    Two ideas spring to mind.
    1. Illinois Terminal. For example, the November 1952 Official Guide... shows SB 99 arriving at Washington Av. at 07:40 (from Granite City 07:17). NB 94 and 96 left St. Louis at 17:00 and 17:35, respectively for Granite City, Edwardsville, Hamel, Worden, Staunton (arriving Staunton @ 18:09 & 18:45, respectively). on up to Springfield.
    2. TRRA Bridge fees may have inhibited "steam railroads" from offering commuter-type service.
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    Revival of this thread has motivated me to look at my visitors guide again. There were several other railroads besides the Frisco and Missouri Pacific that offered "suburban service" in the guide.

    Big Four Route (New York Central): St. Louis Union Station to Alton.

    Wabash: St. Louis Union Station to St. Charles. This used the passenger route that Metrolink largely uses today.

    Iron Mountain: St. Louis Union Station to Carondolet. It used the Oak Hill route.

    St. Louis Merchants Bridge Terminal Railway: St. Louis Union Station to Granite City.

    Mississippi River & Bonne Terre: St. Louis Union Station to Riverside to Doe Run. It went from Union Station over the Iron Mountain non-stop until it reached Riverside.

    Rock Island and Illinois Terminal must have come later.

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    The 1910 Official Guide replica shows the PRR had a local (#35) that arrived early AM and one that left after 17:30 (#38). So did B&O-SW (#21 in the AM and #22 in the PM) and the L&N (#54 in the AM and #55 in the PM). These were single trains that just happened to make lots of stops on a schedule that someone might have been able to use to get back and forth between St. Louis and nearby SW Illinois towns to do business or maybe even commute. Illinois Terminal was not fully constituted by 1910 and apparently connected with the Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis interurban. I realize this is after the 1904 period, but does follow Meteor910's question about trains from Illinois.
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    According to Illinois Terminal, The Electric Years by Paul H. Stringham, the McKinley Bridge opened in September 1910.

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    I thought I had a Rock Island commuter schedule, but I can't find it. I do have a 1916 timetable, but it shows no commuter trains. They did have neo morning train that stopped everywhere eastbound, and one westbound that also stopped everywhere westbound, but not real good times for most commuters.

    As a kid, I remember looking at the concrete wall along the RI as it ran eastbound down to StLUS along the route north of Wash U/Lindell, and the RI bridge over Olive Street Road, just west of the TRRA bridge over Olive Street Road, which was removed (RI) about the time I started Junior High.

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    Karl, I'll look forward to this article, wherever it appears. They're always richly detailed and cogently organized-much more so than any blabbering I could put together. Thoroughly enjoying all the stories and insight in this thread.

    Best Regards,

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