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    The last passenger station that St. L. & S.F. built was in December of 1926. See link to Springfield-Greene Co Public Library

    I have included the 1933/55 Sanborn map showing the location of the station and the tracks leading to the South Side Shops. There are many photographs and postcards of this station on this website as well as others. I will include a postcard and some links to one on the before mention Springfield-Greens Co Public Library site.

    I want to do a little then and now post. As many of you know in 1977 the station was torn down. Today a pole barn warehouse stands in its place. I have tried to emulate were some of the shots were taken.
    Aerial view of Frisco Depot -1940

    View 1 is looking SW from N. Main St. SW towards where the Station Set. I have included an old photo (from the Springfield History Museum) and postcard for reference.

    View 2 is looking SE from under the Grant Viaduct towards N. Main St. I have included an old photo (from the Springfield History Museum).

    View 3 is looking E from under the Grant Viaduct towards N. Main St. I have included an old photo (from the Springfield History Museum).

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    Re: Springfield, Mo Thrid Station

    :) Another great find Karl! You must have one pack room full of goodies! Keep the coming - Paul
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    Re: Springfield, Mo Thrid Station

    Please see the following links for trackside view of the Springfield, MO depot.


    Note the coonskin shaped direction sign on the front of the depot above the northern most baggage carts. The automobiles north of the depot help date the photo to the late 1920s or 1930s.

    The depot's agent / operator bay faced north. Railroad west is down the track away from the photographer. The two engines are facing east.

    This depot is the third at this station and was constructed in 1926. The depot was abandoned in the 1967 with the end of passenger service. Unfortunately the station was demolished in 1976.

    The depot address was 499 North Main Street.

    Hope this helps.


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    The depot address was actually 351 N. Main, the Frisco freight house was 333 N. Main and the Missouri Pacific freight station 301 N. Main.
    Also, I've been told that the frame "station" building across from the depot (Visable in the photo) was the station for one of the (Which??) predecessor roads of the "Highline." In my ralfanning days down there, it was used as a laundry for (I'm guessing) dining car linen, uniforms, towels etc.

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    Thanks to all for the info on this depot. I remember seeing this fine building in my much younger days. I always paid extra attention to my surroundings when I was near the railroad tracks.

    I have been by this site many times especially in the last two or three years, but I never knew exactly where it stood until now. My wife used to work at the MoPac freight house and we have driven by quite often for old times sake.

    It's a shame that so many of these old buildings are gone.:(
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