Spring Creek Model Trains, Deshler Nebraska

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    On Saturday, March 29, I made a trip to Spring Creek Model Trains in Deshler, NE to pick up my four new Genesis Frisco GP38-2 locomotives. I had made arrangements in advance since the shop is normally closed on Saturdays since the owners, Dave and Deb Zucker are usually out at a mid-western train show with their mobile train business. I was greeted by Ken and Lela German, Deb's mom and dad, who were in the shop to open shipments that had arrived during the week. Attached are pictures taken in the shop. Their inventory is broad-based and has good depth.


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  2. TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020)

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    Who-hoo-I wish that store was closer to my house...

    Tom G.
  3. DanHyde

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    Good thing I am not in HO anymore!! Looks like a Pilgrimage to Mecca!!
  4. gjslsffan

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    I am calling them tomarra
  5. meteor910

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    Spring Creek is now my "co-pusher". I really liked the way they do things when I bought my 38-2's.

  6. cthart

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    I'm *glad* this store isn't closer to my house!
  7. klrwhizkid

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    Colin, in today's world they are practically at your doorstep.
  8. cthart

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    Not as close as they were a few years ago when postage was still affordable...
  9. William Jackson

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    I've been looking at their website and signed up for the news letter. Postage is much less then gasoline. Course if you are one of the guy's who is always looking for a deal. Last Saturday, at Deland Fl, their was still plenty of the BB, Model Power and Roundhouse stuff for $5 to 8 bucks. As for me I will pay the shipping, I only want, what I want, Not looking for a deal on a crummy model to start with. I can take a fairly good kit and turn it into junk, in minutes.
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    To All:

    Expanding on this discussion and hopefully shedding more light upon just how amazing a place Spring Creek Hobbies is in my opinion takes some understanding about where it is located and other train related attractions that are in the immediate area. Below is the town description taken from the Chamber website:

    "Deshler, Nebraska; population 892 is located in the heart of farming country with cattle, corn, and wheat being the major crops. There are over 700 farms in Thayer County with an average size of 510 acres. Deshler is located on Highway 136 in the southern part of Thayer County in south-central Nebraska, 12 miles from the Kansas State Line. U.S. Highway 81 is eight miles to the east, and Interstate 80 is 55 miles north of the community. The State Capital, Lincoln, is 100 miles northeast of Deshler. The Deshler area is very popular for hunting pheasant, quail, deer and other small game. Excellent catfish and other panfish can be caught from the nearby Little Blue River."

    I also discovered the town has a significant railroad flair! By going to the below website one can find out there is a RR themed Café (which Deb highly recommends), a Railroad Museum, a Train Watch Station, and an HO Model Railroad being constructed in a downtown storefront about a block from the hobby shop.


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