Southwestern division train ride in 1954 by John Moore, Jr.

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    Howdy folks,

    You're in for a real treat when you view John Moore, Jr's presentation of his 1954 passenger train train ride behind GP7 564 on the Southwestern Division from Oklahoma City to Altus, OK. Look at the detail around the stations and sidings. Simply fantastic stuff.

    Thanks John for sharing your memories with us.

    Best regards,

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    Now that's good info! Nice little local passenger train, too. Gives me an idea on how to model Train 709/710 for grins & giggles.

    How long did this train run this route before it was discontinued?

    Thanks for posting this here and sharing with us:D:D
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    Excellent! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this!

    Several years ago, I was sent on a loan-out to Cyril. I was engineer on the Cyril to Eagle(?) local. I ran on this line from Cyril, through Lawton to an interchange yard called "Eagle" (I think?). Anyway... everyday it was 4 units and 30-60 cars. Loved the job and really found the area interesting. It was great to look back and see those engines rocking and rolling in run 8 at speed as we made our way to the next town to switch! It's really neat to see what Cyril, Lawton, and other places, looked like "back in the day" via this post!

    Andre Ming
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    Did you notice that the engine and cars of the little passenger train were clean and shiny!? A pretty neat little "pike-size" passenger train.

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    Thank you very much for posting this wonderful information!

    This is great stuff not only the railroad equipment, stations and consist make up, but also the settings in which they interacted. It is really cool to see the freight trains and locals out there working along the line.

    We also appreciate the invaluable assistance in compiling the information from Jerome and David. Many thanks to them also for helping with the presentation.

    Hope this helps.


  6. Karl

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    Service was cut back to Lawton circa May 1955. I believe the OKC - Lawton train lasted until circa Sept 1963

    Thanks John Moore for all of the pics. Lots of reminders that steam wasn't long gone when the photographs were taken.
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    This is really good stuff. You might want to think about submitting it for publication somewhere, as I am sure it would be interesting to a lot of folks who grew up during that time or who model it now.


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