Southwestern Div., Cherokee & Oklahoma Subs, depots, drawing discrepancies

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    Hello, Everyone!

    Would anyone happen to have a station book or employee timetables listing stations (numbers and mileages) for the Southwestern Division (Oklahoma and Cherokee Subs)?

    Mike Condren’s Frisco Railroad Homepage ( contains uploaded scans of the entire “Floorplans of Station Buildings” from the Office of the Architect in Saint Louis. I began manually transcribing some of the data from the PDF drawings into a Microsoft Access database for use as a crude index, possibly as a prelude to further work. When I sorted the database records, I noticed two anomalies in the data that appear on the original drawings:

    For Chelsea, OK, (filename OK.Chelsea.pdf, attached) there is a notation near the upper right corner, in a hand that is different than that of the draftsman:
    STA. NO. G 379

    Likewise, for Bushyhead, OK, (filename OK.Bushyhead.pdf, attached) there is a similar notation in the same handwriting, different than the draftsman:
    STA. NO. G 585

    These station numbers are out of sequence and cannot possibly be correct. If you ride the Frisco into Oklahoma from NE to SW, you encounter the stations in the following order:

    Vinita, G-360
    White Oak, G-387
    Chelsea, G-379
    Bushyhead, G-585
    Foyil, G-388

    I suspect that the anonymous annotator was careless; he probably meant G-378 for White Oak, and G-385 for Bushyhead. Or I could be missing some profound and mysterious secret?

    Can anyone clear this up with official timetables or station directories?

    Thanks -- and Ship it on the Frisco!

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    The defunct Frisco Museum sold copies of the station diagram books, and I believe that one of the museum's operatives is the owner of the handwritten notation found on each of the driagrams. This web site has SW DIV ETT's, and a search of the site will take you to them.

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