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    SoundTraxx recently release a new series of decoders under the Blunami name. Blunami decoder can be used on DCC layouts with existing DCC systems and throttles, they can be run on DC layouts with the existing DC conversion, and they can be run on DC, DCC or battery power and controlled via the Blunami Bluetooth app.

    What does this mean? For some people conversion from DC to DCC would require some re-wiring of their layout (especially large ones). The Blunami decoder can make use of the DC power from either a layout or from a battery pack and be programmed and controlled from an iPhone via the Blunami app. A local modeler has an old CTC-80 control system with a lot of locomotives but has not had a way to control lighting functions nor has he been able to have sound. Now the addition of lighting and sound is possible.

    If you have a DC layout or have been considering "Dead Rail", the Blunami is a very nice option.

    The Blunami Decoder has all the features of Tsunami 2 decoders with the added Bluetooth functionality. Currently the Blunami is available in the BLU-2200 (like TSU-2200) Universal Wire-in format.
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    This is a very interesting development. Will be interesting to see all the ways people come up with to implement this.

    Worth noting that it's currently not available for Android, which is disappointing.
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