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  1. Thanks Ted!
    I will have to find the ICC Evaluation report again. I think it had over a dozen pages. If you have a web address for that, please post it.
    I noticed that there was no spur to Buick on this map. Either it had been removed or constructed later.
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    This book has a lot on the Sligo & Eastern and the Iron County Central. Is this what you’re looking for?
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  3. Thanks Jacob & Ted!
    I still have not found the 1917 valuation map of the Sligo & Eastern, includes Sligo Furnace Co. and Iron County Central
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  4. There is another map that popped-up from Jacob Stotler's Salem Branch Research Team. It fits in with Explorer Chris' very nice collection. It is a Rand McNally rairoad map. It shows East End and Rulon as two different places. It also shows Buick as part of the Sligo & Eastern Railroad.

    And I just saw a place named Doyle between Bixby and East End. I am amazed that Rand McNally knew so much about details. How did they do that?

    I include the Sligo Furnace Railroad and the Sligo & Eastern Railroad as part of the Salem Branch which is seen on some of the prior maps. Their routes lead to the Sligo Branch Jct. 1980 (became Goltra jct. in 1898) on the mainline of the Salem Branch. This is the only way to get to Cuba and St. Louis from northwest Iron County. This map is part of a larger Rand McNally railroad map covering all of Missouri.

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  5. Jacob,
    Yes. pp 154 to 172! Lots of stuff. How I see why accountants went nutty within a dozen years. With mining and logging railroading, things changed fast. Done with a site, rip it up and relocate the rails to the next jobsite. Makes it hard to research what all what went on.
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