SOLD: Frisco Switch Padlocks and one key.

Discussion in 'Swap Meet' started by kdedgin, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. kdedgin

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    I have three (3) Frisco switch padlocks and one (1) key which opens all three locks. These were inherited from my father-in-law who was an engineer for the Frisco. All of the locks have a short piece of chain attached. They are all made by "Adlake". Two are marked "FRISCO" on the back. The third is marked "SLSFRR". The brass key is marked "FRISCO". I will take offers on the entire lot for the next week, after that if no reasonable offers, I will list on Ebay. Postage will be at cost. The total weight for shipping is 4 lb.
  2. William Jackson

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    You know what they say, if you got a key, it's not hard to get a lock. Ha Ha !!!!!!!!
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