(SOLD) For Sale Cheap: A Couple of Old Mikado (2-8-2) Models (HO Scale)

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    Frisco Friends,

    I am continuing to downsize my collection and next up are a couple of old 2-8-2's that I would like to let loose of:

    (SOLD) First is an Athearn Genesis model. It has an older Tsunami Sound decoder and runs, but I have had problems with tight radiuses and the front truck. Probably someone with more skill than I could make it a good runner. $30 plus actual shipping (original box). Here are a couple of pics..



    I also have an IHC model that also has an older Tsunami Sound decoder. It runs pretty well (maybe needs broke in from sitting), and has a front light problem (always stays on). Probably need to move front light to a different function lead on the decoder and remap. This would be a good locomotive if you have (grand)kids that like to run trains and you would not care if it was damaged. It also had a broken stirrup on the tender, which I reattached, but not sure it will stay on during shipping. $20 plus actual shipping (original box). Pictures of IHC:

    IHC-2-8-2-side.JPG IHC-2-8-2-front.JPG

    I will mark when sold. PM me with requests (first come, first takes).

    Both are a bit dusty. They are unweathered, but the dust might make you think otherwise. I will say that these were early attempts on my part for DCC install, so you might want to rework wiring, speakers, etc.

    Take Care All,

    -Bob T.
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    Athearn 4030 is sold.
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    Both are sold. Thanks!
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