SLSF prototype for Bachman Spectrum 4-6-0?

Discussion in '4-6-0 Ten Wheeler' started by Bradley A. Scott, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. I have an undecorated Bachmann Spectrum 4-6-0 with 63" drivers, and I wonder which series of SLSF tenwheelers might be the closest match to it. This is complicated by the fact that I'm a lazy modeler who wants to do as little chopping and filing and gluing as possible.

    Features of the model that may limit possible prototypes:

    * Narrow, deep firebox between the drivers
    * Square valve chests on cylinders
    * Evenly-spaced drivers
    * 63" drivers. This can be fudged a little bit, of course.
    * Arrangement of sand/steam domes, bell, etc. The bell, generator, etc., could be relocated, but I'd rather not mess with moving the domes around.
    * Old-fashioned domes with raised ridges around them, rather than smooth modern ones. These could be modified or replaced with aftermarket parts, but I'd rather not.
    * Walschaerts valve gear. Unfortunately, most older SLSF tenwheelers seem to have had Stephenson valve gear. (How hard might it be to remove/modify the Walschaerts monkey-motion bits?)

    An image link from Bachmann's website:

    Does the collective wisdom of this group have any idea which class of older SLSF tenwheelers might be the closest match to this collection of characteristics? Any ideas or information would be appreciated.

    Bradley A. Scott
  2. slsfrr (Jerome Lutzenberger RIP 9/1/2018)

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    Interestingly, I was looking at these models the other day. Micro Mart has a sell on them, almost to good to pass up. I would suggest the 1400 series engines simply because they have the Walschaerts valve gear. As you mentioned the space between the drivers would not be correct, but the rest might be an easy fix. Also they were coal burners until retirement. If you have a copy of 'Frisco Power' look on pages 117,118 & 119. The picture on page 117 looks like it might be a builders photo which shows a high headlight and what appears to be a small coon skin on the smoke box front.

    Good luck on your modeling and let us know how it turns out.

    Jerome Lutzenberger
  3. Just a quick update here. In looking through James Fairs' "North Arkansas Line", I noticed that the Spectrum 4-6-0 is almost a dead ringer for the M&NA's two Baldwin tenwheelers #18 and # 19. All it would need is a steel cab (supplied as a spare part with the undec. Spectrum tenwheeler), a short Vanderbilt tender (from Roundhouse?) and maybe a capped stack. (I'm willing to ignore minor differences in piping and appliances.)

    The QA&P's tenwheeler (#26? - no books available at the moment) also looks pretty close.

    It might not end up a Frisco engine at all...

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    the Bachmann Spectrum short vandy should be the same as the MDC vandy i should know because my grandfather scratch built two mdc vandys to make one for my 4-6-2 SP P-8 that was mod. from a Genesis USRA 4-6-2 if anyone wants to see how it truned out just ask me

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