SLSF GP35's, Enid Negative Collection

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    SLSF 704, EMD GP35, 2500 HP, EMD 567
    SLSF 712, EMD GP35, 2500 HP, EMD 567

    Attached are pics of the only two Frisco GP35's from my "Enid" negative collection.

    The GP35's are favorites of mine, though they were locomotives with a questionable maintenance history. The EMD GP35 used the well-proven EMD 567 engine, turbocharged up to 2500 HP. That was the limit of the 567 capability - it proved to be a bit too much. The new EMD engine, the 645, was soon to follow on the EMD 38/40/45 series.

    These are not the greatest pics of the Frisco GP35's, but they certainly visited Enid and the shutters were snapped when they did.

    Note the nose stripes on both units. This was a common addition to the early Frisco o/w GP35's.


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