SLSF #5204 Alco FA-1

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    From Richard Crabtree on Frisco Rails Across Missouri:
    Here we see **Frisco No. 5204 ALCO FA-1 **built in June of 1948 & B-B-A EMDs in the 19th Street service facility, Kansas City, Missouri, April 17, 1965 ~ photo Joe McMillan

    Karl Brand:
    During August of 1955 The Frisco sent the 5204 to La Grange, where EMD removed the ALCO 12-244-B prime mover, and replaced it with a derated (to 1500 hp) EMD 12-567-C prime mover. The Frisco never added MU receptacles to the nose-end of FA-1’s, so they always had to be at either end of a consist. During February 1967, the 5204 went back to EMD as a trade-in for new GP-35’s.

    SLSF #5204 Alco FA-1 19th St KC Mo 04-17-1965 Joe McMillan photo.jpg

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