SLSF 5036, F7A, Rolla, Oct 1966

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    Here's another couple of old Rolla Frisco pics. Let me know if these are of interest - I don't want to bore the group with my old poor pictures.

    The time is October, 1966. My wife of four months, Caroline, and I went down to Rolla to visit one of her childhood friends, who was married to a MSM graduate student (it was really UMR by then). We stopped off at the SLSF 1501 site on the way to her friend's house, as I heard a Frisco eastbound freight coming - grinding its way up Rolla Hill. You could hear them a long way off if it was a calm weather day, as this was. Their house was located only a few blocks across the tracks from 1501.

    It was quite a consist - six units! ..... glad we stopped. That is Caroline in the first pic as SLSF 5036 went by, an EMD F7A. These pics are not too good, as they were taken with our then brand-new Kodak Instamatic (ugh) received as a wedding gift.

    The going away shot shows the entire consist. F7A in the lead, then a F7B, two EMD repowered ALCo FB-1m's, another F7B, and then a final repowered ALCo (I can't tell and don't recall if it is a FA-1m or another FB-1m). Note that all three ALCo's were wearing the austerity paint scheme, but the three EMD's still had their full set of stripes.

    I recall it was making a wonderous sound as all six 567's were still working to get the train up to speed after the long Rolla Hill climb.

    We had a nice visit topped off by a dinner at Pryor's - home of "Pryor's Fresh Pizza". BTW, Pryor's Pizza is still in business in Rolla, still advertises its "fresh pizza", and is still very good.


    ps: I just noticed the nice view of the PRR round roof single door boxcar behind Caroline. You can do that exact class of car with a Bowser kit. I have it as PRR 67587. This is the PRR "Shadow Keystone" paint scheme.

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    Ken--Keep 'em coming. B/Y F's and FA's on the Frisco--What more could you ask for?


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