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    Be careful using B&W photos when trying to establish variations in color; that is especially true when dealing the multitude of angles, which are found on a steam locomotive. Case in point; the firebox on the 4524 is jacketed, and most likely black.
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    I'm afraid that I don't see graphite gray on the firebox of 4524 in your photo. On the 4500's the boiler jacketing extended down over the sides of the firebox and would have been painted the same black enamel as the rest of the boiler. Only the unjacketed part of the firebox (front, bottom and the tiny bit of the sides that extended below the jacketing) would have been graphite. Graphite was only used on surfaces that would get so hot that paint would burn off. Why the Frisco used such a dark graphite on the smokeboxes of the 4500's is something I can't answer, but I have never seen a photograph of a 4500 with the much lighter gray graphite that seems to have been the norm (I've seen photos that suggest 4300s and 4400s may have sometimes gotten the dark graphite also) for all other classes. I think Don's suggestion of a paint to use that would simulate the look of dark graphite is a good one.

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    As Bill stated, I may help.But I don't do the heavy work.

    Now I won't say I perfer not to do work.Because I have offerd my fare share of things I can do.But respecting Bill's wishes (Aswell as fellow volunteers), I stand aside to not mess up the engine or not cause any conflict.Also the fact I have school and drive an hour from Branson to Springfield (Which combined with city driving totals to around 45 miles each way), and with gas prices the way they are, I can only make it once or twice a week.

    In conclussion I'd like to say.We may think what we want about what looks good or not.But if it pleases the visitors, that's what matters.Now this does not mean on special ocasions (I.E. Photo Sessions or Open Houses), the counterweights and tires can't be painted.But again, this is left to the decissions of the board.

    Rest assured, the RRHM is in good hands and 2011, with the basic cosmetic restoration of 4524 out of the way.Has been the start of a "Revoloution" for the museum.

    If Bill hasn't allready mention this, we will be having opening day for the year during May 7th, and this will actually mark our first opening that takes place on National Train Day.Aslo the first with our revived Northern.Anyone reading this is more then welcome to stop by and see our babie in it's prime!

    God bless to all of you!
    Dominique Hogue
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    Are you saying that it is ok to paint something wrong because it pleases the public? Having been in the business of museums and educating the public for over 22 years, that goes against everything museum professionals are taught.

    True, there are some really bad museums out there that reinforce misconceptions that the public has on just about every topic there is. That does not make it right. The purpose of museums is to educate the public and tell them the truth about whatever the subject matter is. In my case, I have worked in, developed, managed museums that in some cases have challenged some of the visitors ideas of what they learned in school and they have come away with a different understanding. While they may not always agree with what was presented it was the truth as everything had been reviewed by professionals in the field.

    By the way, saying you can always paint something or change something for an special event hardly ever works out. It may be done once or twice, but generally once something is done it stays that way for many years. Just look at all of the horribly painted steam engines around the country.

    That is my two cents and since I don't live a close to Springfield anymore and more than likely will not ever again, do what you want.

    Steve Black
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    Been reading all of this with interest. I come from a Frisco family and I agree that the engine should be left as it was originally
    purchased and ran "on the main".
    Bill, I am sorry that I am not closer as I would enjoy getting involved with the Museum and helping, but it's just too far. I hope to visit someday and I also hope that you are able to keep the Museum going. I have looked at the website pics and it's much nicer to have people to show visitors around and explain things than look at #4524 behind a fence. I visited Springfield for the first time last fall with a local RR group and finally got to see the Frisco Building. I was very excited to see the name and took pictures.
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    Here's a shot of the 4505 in transit to the Frisco, showing the "In service" paint scheme for clarification.

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  7. TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020)

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    Re: SLSF 4524's move to Grant Beach Park

    Super photo Don! The smoke box has a glossy finish before the engine has been fired up very much.

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    Re: 12" to the Foot Frisco Brass

    Yes, Super photo ... It's a crying shame that the telephone pole had to be right in front of the "FFF" logo. :mad::mad::mad:
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    Re: 12" to the Foot Frisco Brass

    I can only imagine the thrill it must have been to be standing trackside when one of these 4500's came hammering by! Woooo!

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    What am I am saying is I am still for atleast black counterweights to be painted back on the engine to bring her back to a apperence to when she came out of Baldwin with white walls.Atleast that would look better in the minds of us rivet counters.But I have little say in the matter.
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    Re: 4524

    Uh oh, are we back to beating this dead horse? Minds are made up and the "experts" have decreed it to be the way it is.

    SAFN SAAP Member

    Re: 4524

    AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! My eyes! My eyes! OMG! What did they do to her???? Ugh.

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