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    Me too!

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    I do not have a copy of the slide. The owner is Shiloh Museum of Ozark History (479-750-8165) . The Librarian is away until 10-20 while her assistant is not in the office due to the birth of her first child. The Museum 's darkroom operator (yes, they still use film and photographic paper) recently left so it may be a while until a new darkroom person is located.
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  3. I took some photographs of 4003 with the new red cab roof and large block lettering. The entire engine and tender were repainted last year. It looks pretty good. Not sure if the red cab roof is prototypical or not, but at least it is in fresh paint.

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    Good photos of a much improved display. I like the red cab roofs. Color slides of Frisco power in service show mostly weathered black roofs. There is an in service photo of a 4-6-2 at Ft. Scott with a red roof. Somewhere there is a photo of a 1500 (Ed Heiss photo of one of the 1500s being towed through Springfield west yard) with the hint of a red roof.

    John Sanders
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  5. Good to see that 4003 has so many fans.
    When we were there, the museums officer told us that they had copies of 1522 detail drawings made
    from the Museum of Transport to assist in their potential plans for 4003.
    Here are a few other interesting views.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Photo May 11, 1 50 12 PM.jpg
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