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    Here's a picture of #22 taken by Bill Siegal in 1973 at Newburg, Mo. Thanks for sharing, Bill!
    SLSF #22 EMD F7A Newburg, Mo 1973 Bill Siegal photo..jpeg
  2. Coonskin

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    That's an awesome picture! That set of F's is classic, and you can FEEL the c-c-c-cold!

    EDIT: Being a retired Engineer, first thing I thought of was "sure hope that old F has a working (and good) heater in it!"
  3. mark

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    Excellent photograph!

    An image very worthy of posting on the Frisco Archive.

    Makes it an even more valuable image when one considers that there are brave soles that venture out in such weather.

    My least favorate season when working, even more the older I get, especially with snow, ice and when so cold.

    Hope this helps.


  4. gstout

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    This is a good one. Now, how do we model icicles convincingly?

  5. gjslsffan

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    A great photo for sure, and just outstanding Frisco F units too. Hope those guys were warm in the cab. Nothing (to me) looks as miserably cold, a locomotive with icicles hanging off it, I think of the slippery hand rails and grab irons, walkways. Sometimes you cannot get warm.
    What did concern me the most, was ice build-up on grade crossings. I mean a set of locomotive wheels will crush a lot of ice, but I also have had locomotive wheels run right atop the ice too, at slow speed, we stopped, reversed and luckily went right back on to the rail. When its been many degrees below zero for weeks, that ice gets harder than woodpecker lips. HWY plows shove the snow and ice right to the edge and pile it up, then we come around a curve at 50mph and blow it all up again.
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    Wow! Awesome photo.

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    Bill is in the process of going through his slides to pick out all the Frisco images that he will pass off to me for scanning to be added to the Frisco Archive, including the above.
  8. It’s been a lot of years Greg but I used clear GE silicone. I could improve upon this now I’d like to think. But this will give you an idea at least to start on yours!! :)

    5E39F4DF-602D-4106-8484-A622B36ACD51.jpeg B30888CC-D273-4EFC-ACC9-7FCED6B3F99C.jpeg 409C7882-698A-4587-BBBF-30F6BE39DAC1.jpeg
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    Well, the dope who left his driver's side window open deserves what he's going to get.


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