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Discussion in '1776' started by hogmaster, Dec 12, 2001.

  1. hogmaster

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    i need a photo of the 1776 bicentennial scheme to paint on a caboose
  2. rogerrt477

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    Here are some sources for photos of the 1776:

    1) BN Caboose Book Pg.154 (in R&W)
    2) Cabins, Crummies & Hacks Pg.19
    3) Rails, Rivalry & Romance Pg.453
    4) Frisco in Color Pg.128

    1) Trains 11/72 Pg.17
    2) Trains 2/73 Pg.13
    3) CTC Board 9/99 Pg.34
    4) Frisco Museum 3/89 Pg.5 (All Aboard)

    Happy Hunting! Roger
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    anyone have a pic of the 1776 bi-centenial caboose and eng.
    please contact
  4. rogerrt477

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    SLSF 1776 in 2002? I just recieved an e-mail from Roger Kirkpatrick via Mike Farley concerning BN 11711 (SLSF 1776) on display in Hillsboro, ND. near the tracks on the west side of the town. It will be about 6 weeks before I can check it out, I'll keep you posted! Roger
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    Cabooose 1776 at Chafee, MO

    Caboose 1776 at Chaffee, MO.

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  6. Karl

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    SLSF 1776 at 19th St Yd, KCMO

    It's hard to believe that the 1776 began life as a PS-1 boxcar. The Frisco was one of the first railroads to catch the bi-centennial fever, skipped a whole bunch of numbers, and painted one its new re-builds in this patriotic scheme. My father said the the 1700's were rough-riding and that crews preferred the 1200 class cabooses.

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  7. mark

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    Please see the following link for a roster shot of SLSF 1776.

    This was one of 4 cabooses painted by the Frisco to help celebrate America's Bicentennial. It was unique as the only caboose to carry this patriotic paint scheme that included stars, a flag and the seal of the United States of America.

    Nice details include the 2 white coonskins on the side sill at the ends of the truck bolsters, the red coonskin on each of the end eves, the 13 stars on the large stripes (7 on the red stripe, 6 on the blue stripe), the "waving" American flag on the far right and the contrasting color handrails and grab irons.

    This caboose toured the system along with a Seaboard Coast Line U-36-B and two Santa Fe baggage cars decorated in a similar paint scheme. The baggage cars carried historical documents to help celebrate the 200th year anniversary celebration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

    Hope this helps.



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