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    Slsf 1287 - 1979

    SLSF 1287 Spring., MO. 1979. Photo by Robert Tribble.

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    BN cabooe 11611, former SLSF 1283, in BN green at Everett WA 12 Mar 1987.

    Rick Morgan

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  4. FriscoGeorge

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    Hi folks,
    Could anybody tell me why the Frisco and the BN covered up the windows on the cabooses with steel plates? Seems like a waste of money to me since they eventually went with the "end-of-train indicator" and done away with the caboose. Was this a transition phase from caboose to indicators?
  5. Frisco2008

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    I think it was because of an FRA reg requiring unbreakable glass in the windows. It was cheaper to just cover them up.

    Glenn in Tulsa
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    For those modeling the appropriate era, it's a pretty easy detail to model (welded or riveted window covers) that really helps to establish the "time" element.

    Based on the photographic evidence, I'm not sure the Friso ever started plating over their caboose windows prior to the merger. Thus, the Frisco modeler would probably only add this detail to orange/white cabeese that have been renumbered and relettered for the BN (ugh).

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  7. paul slavens

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    Ash Grove Missouri sold SLSF 1288 today and it will move to Tulsa to be restored in its as delivered brown "ship it on the Frisco" paint scheme. It will be displayed with 1232 from Seneca Mo in caboose red paint, and also with 1249 from Leon Kansas in the red and white paint. I intend to restore 1288 and put it back on live rail, it already has roller bearing trucks and the caboose is in great condition. vacation 082.JPG
  8. Congrats on you third caboose purchase. Good luck on the move and restoration of this car. :)
    It will be nice to see an active Frisco caboose one day.

    SAFN SAAP Member

    Sure are a lot of 'beese in this thread. LOL...
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    It could be because this is a caboose sub-forum.

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    LOL...Nothing like a lil Solvaset fumes to make you goofy.
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    Thanks Murphy, looking forward to 1288 its in the best physical condition of the 3 and therefore the best candidate to return to the rails, it does not have the glamorous passenger trucks like the earlier models but it does have high speed caboose trucks with roller bearings which are required for mainline operation today. 1288 does have the distinction of never being painted in BN clolors, it was orange and white when retired in 86.
    Today we worked on 1232 at Seneca getting it ready to move. Crane and trucks will be there tomorrow Feb 6 to load it and move it to Coweta Ok where it will sit overnight and then move into Tulsa on Friday morning.
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    Missouri's loss is Indian Territory's gain! Congratulations and thanks for your efforts to preserve these.

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