SLSF 1110, ex NEO

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    SLSF 1110 Ft.Scott, KS. 5/17/97

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    Caboose SLSF 1110, ex NEO

    Please see the following links for photographs of Frisco caboose SLSF 1110. (5/8/2010) (2/26/2009) (1/15/2006) (1/15/2006) (5/17/1997)

    This is one of the former Northeast Oklahoma Railroad (NEO) cabooses. It is one of four cars built to the same design during 1947 in the NEO's shops in Miami, OK. The caboose has been relatively well maintained over the years. Unfortunately, the newly added yellow paint accents at the roof eves on the upper car sides and ends and window frames are not prototypical.

    These cars were originally numbered NEO 53, 54, 55 and 56. After the Frisco purchased the NEO they were renumbered SLSF 162, 163, 164 and 186. After the 1968 renumbering they became the 1110, 1111, 1157 (2nd) and 1186 (2nd). The specific NEO to Frisco numbers assignment is not known at this time.

    At least 2 others of this design are known to exist. Caboose SLSF 1111 is in Newburg, MO and caboose SLSF 1157 (2nd) is in Longview, TX.

    The car located in the city's Fisher Park. This is on the south side of town, just west of U.S. Highway 69 (a/k/a Kansas Highway 7). The caboose sits on the west side of the road in a fenced area, adjacent to the Fort Scott Buck Run Community Center. This is just north of the city swimming pool and south of E. 7th St. To the west and across the highway are the Frisco's main line tracks of Ash Grove Subdivision.

    The location address is 700 Scott Ave., Fort Scott, KS.

    Please see,248.95,,0,5.09.

    Hope this helps.


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