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    That car is one of four "modernized" coaches: 1203, 1207, 1208 or 1213. Sorry I can't narrow it down any closer. They were remodeled with a single vestibule (from two originally) and "Solex" (similar to "Thermopane") windows. Those for cars were built by AC&F in 1926 and remodeled by the Frisco in 1945-46.

    Tom G.
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    That car looks similar to the wrecker diner. Course I know you are wanting to know what it was way back when, but similar cars used to come out when we had a bad one for two or three days. When we got the Cat Pack, that was about the end of use for these diners. The Carmen, had a trailer that meals were prepaired. For a while, I used to go with the wrecker crew and run the smaller bucket cat for making the grade.
    I am thinking, the last time, I eat in one of these diners was the Phillipsburg Derailment. That one is posted here and was one of the worst, not gonna revisit that one, but its on the site.
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    I looked through some of my notes and added the builder's date and remodeling dates to my post below for cars 1203, 1207, 1208 and 1213.

    Tom G.

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