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    Thanks, Oldguy. Hard to believe-I was in Sligo about 30 years ago and there was no sign of any such activity. The land reclaimed itself.
  2. Shay loco s in Missouri are listed at 's @ .
    Shays in Missouri => ~ 45 They are listed below.
    * The pic's could been a lot of places, but Dillard looks like the place.
    * The Huzzah flooding s likely required a steel truss to be built over the creek.
    The creek did have water flooding rises ~ 9' @ Dillard.
    Truss s were the cheapest way to go in those old days for over a stream.
    * I camped some down-stream and saw a 12' rise when waking up
    in next morning after a massive downpour all night (was already during the wet reason).
    Could not go swimming & fishing . The camping trips remembered
    where when there were rain-outs & mud.
    The width of the water looks like the Huzzah in the wet/rain-season.
    * The population of Dillard peaked at ~ 250 to 400 after the 1912
    expansion of the tracks to Viburnum.
    * After the closing of the S&E:
    A Web-Search for the State of MO Historical Society (smohs).
    discuss's furnace company & the closing of the S&E. There are several
    documents posted, and more are at the libraries (some are micro-filmed).
    One is a large engineering drawing of the Sligo Town including even the
    details liked the sewer s . The papers were taken out of the attic of the boss 's house.
    I think those papers state that the S&E operated til 1929, well after the furnace
    part of the business shut down.
    * The wiki list of railroads also state the S&E was 1902-1929.
    (Sligo Furnace RR 1880-1881 to build/pay for the Sligo Branch).
    Getting ready for the Furnace and the town, the furnace and their SF-RR department
    had to formed ~ 1876 to gain more investors, do their planning, do engineering,
    set up resources needed away from Sligo and purchase what would be needed.
    Elsewhere in Dent County, the Sligo Furnace company had ownership's for
    mines and additional timber sources.
    * After the furnace blew-out, there were some feed-stocks still sold;
    such as timber, cord-wood, lumber, char-coal, also some distillates
    and a few mining operations. That cash flow paid for the destruction's
    of the furnace & more, ... paid for the company's remaining bills,
    legal negotiations, court cases, taxes, selling items and scrap, and
    payments to investors.
    * smohs 's papers says it was in ~ 1934 that the financial books were closed
    for the Furnace & the S&E companies. The smohs received papers, map
    and drawings from the boss's attic.
    * Railroads in Missouri,
    * Shays in Missouri => ~ 45
    Ava 985
    Barfield 413
    Besland 353
    Birchton 342
    Bloomfield 834
    Cape Girardeau 834 870
    Dundee 1551 1926 2145
    Dunklin 430
    East Prairie 692
    Fremont 3015
    Gideon 70
    Henderson Mound 2431
    Kansas City 1551 1926 2145 25702659
    Kirkwood 1551
    Leeper 2025
    Louisville 1592
    Malden 70
    Naylor 70
    New Madrid 834
    Poplar Bluff 245 589 590 600 8291977
    Rock Hill 1592
    Sligo 1744 1929 2883
    St. Louis 70 257 1926 1962
    Washington 2145
    West Eminence 3130 3154
    Williamsville 283
    unk 70
  3. The photos show both sides of the truss. Opposite directions.

    I was camping at Red Bluff on the Huzzah Creek near Davisville one summer. My date told
    me that we needed for ice. So I went up to the highway and found an establishment.
    I got out and noticed that the parking lot did not have any white road base-rock.
    The entire parking area was beer bottle caps. Millions of them. I started walking
    and then noticed that the establishment had no glass in the windows, and there
    likely was no door. Got my ice and got the h__l out of there fast.

    As a kid at Irondale Scout Camp some adults came to get my best friend, he had to leave.
    His uncle had been murdered when he was alone at his (weekend) big farm
    on the Huzzah Creek. He was in the barn and more blood than his body.
    They never solved the murder, but they always sad that it had to be a drugging local
    no good so_ of a B___h. I did not mind their language under the circumstances.

    A few years later, that family let us older teens (explorer scouts) to use an old
    hewed log cabin in the far end part of the farm for own weekend outings.
    ... that lasted for ~ 4 years til we all went to various colleges. The creek could rise
    10 feet overnight when it had been raining very hard for 18 hours. The farm is south
    of Hwy. 8 and north of settlement of Huzzah where there is another slab crossing.

    Oh, I remember that in the attic of the farm house there was a bazooka (from WWll).
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    <snip: the above Ozark tales>

    A person's gotta be tough to live in the Ozarks.


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    Darn chiggers aren't the only hazard it seems!
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    Ha, ha, Charles you went to good ‘ol Pole Bridge Tavern and lived to tell about it! Most notorious establishment in Crawford County.

    Pat Moreland,
    Wesco, Missouri
  7. Pole Bridge Tavern

    I guess it was/is by Huzzah bridge?
    Was the original crossing made with wood poles?
    Or is there poles within the tavern for you know what?
    Was/is there glass in its windows?

    What does the Huzzah bridge look like today?
    Somewhere East of Steelville on hwy. 8 was an old tavern I think high on the hill, northside of the highway.
    That is another story.

    How much does Crater Red bottles cost?
    I guess shipping is costly.

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    Would y'all like for this to be a decal?
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    Would I ever!
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    I will see what I can do for y'all.
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    Sorry for the late reply. I'm guessing a little bit, but am about 99% sure that the tavern is named for the State Route V Huzzah Creek bridge, which is just south of the bridge. The current bridge is fairly new, and is made of concrete. Sorry, no dancing poles that I know of.

    When I was a sheriff's deputy, about 15 years ago, my partner stopped a pickup at the bridge around midnight, and the driver bailed and ran down the creek bed. When I got there, I walked a little ways into the woods and hid along a gravel bar. No joke, I caught and handcuffed him when I heard him yelling for his mother. He had meth in the cab and a poached deer in the bed. Good times...

    Pat Moreland,
    Wesco, Missouri
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    That Meth make basically good people do such crazy stuff. And it just keeps going on. So sad.
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