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    Is there a spot on this forum where's there a list of Frisco wreckers, derricks and cranes?

    Thanks, Tom G.
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    My name is Dow, I am a 12 year switchman/conductor for the BNSF in Seattle. I found the site while working on a personal project of mine, documenting the remaining “Big Hooks” on class 1 railroads.

    I’m happy to report that the 99025 is still alive and on the roster of the Transkentucky Trans. R/R as #100. I spoke with a clerk there recently, and she told me that the crane is still used for lifting locomotives and swapping out trucks/traction motors.

    Digging through rosters of old Frisco MOW equipment, trying to find out what happened to the SLSF 99021 and 99025, the remaining Frisco wreckers on the roster as of the 1980 BN merger. Does anybody know if these two derricks made it to the BN roster and what their BN numbers would have been?
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    I dont know. But I can do some checking

    I thought they cut up D250 a little while back.
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    Thanks Buddy.

    As an employee, I have access to the current BNSF equipment rosters via the company emulator. The D-250 still shows on the roster as of Jan 2021, and I have pictures of it from last year. It’s the only one still listed. However, I haven’t physically been there in Havre to check. I need to call somebody and check.

    The D-258 in Seattle was cut up in 2015, she was ex CB&Q.

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