SL&SF RY Public Time Table February, 1881

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    Thanks to Jeff Cooney (frisco4301) we have the February 1881 Public Time Table.

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    Jeff’s garage is a museum...
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    Hopefully we can come up with the pages for trains to Wichita and the maps noted on the cover.

    Hope this helps.


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    This is so cool to see. Would be cool if he had a similar schedule from the Memphis road for their connection from KC to the south east.

    I've seen the word Accommodation used in older time tables (like pre 1930), but it seems to disappear over time. Is it just an older term for local passenger service?

    Also worth noting the bottom left of the flier. It states that all times are based on Jeff. City time. A quick google search tells me that time zones weren't established until 1883. This is the first document I have seen (that I can remember) that states a time system from before the standardized zones.
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