SL-SF #85012 - AAR Designation "GD" - Side Door Equipped

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    Here's one that I don't see a lot of...

    I believe the listing on the site erroneously lists this with an AAR designation of "MWB" for ballast car. If it's in company service, it would not seem to be renumbered. Anyone able to confirm or refute my hunch?

    Looks like it was reweight at East Thomas (ET); I can't make out the date but the photo caption lists Belton c. 1950.

    At least as built and as listed in the 1943 ORER, it is footnoted as follows:

    "Individual numbers of cars in series 85000 to 85999 equipped with 6 side doors and differing in A.A.R. Mech. Designation, dimensions and cubical capacity from other cars in same series; A.A.R. Mech. Designation GD, inside width 9 ft. 5 in, outside extreme width 10 ft. 4 in., outside height from rail to extreme width 6 ft., width of side door openings 2 ft., 6 in., height of side door openings 2 ft., capacity 1,856 cu. ft."
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