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Discussion in 'Depots Q-Z' started by gstout, Feb 20, 2014.

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    Yes, it does. I have a foldout that was a part of the book St. Louis Union Station and Its Railroads by Norbury Wayman which shows all of the scheduled trains of all the railroads using Union Depot on Jan. 20, 1929. This foldout shows the Frisco had nine scheduled in bound and out bound regular passenger trains plus three out bound and three in bound suburban trains for a total of twenty four trains a day during the week with the suburban trains having a different schedule on Saturday and Sunday. The Frisco was right up among the heaviest users of the depot. I just wish I could have seen the beautiful depot in its hey day as it must have been quite a sight. I read somewhere that at one time it was the busiest railroad station in the world. Someone else can fill in the statistics as I can't remember where I read that. Not only did the Frisco have a good number of trains that used the depot, but the Texas Special was the longest train on many occasions. Saving this depot and the one in Kansa City (which is another spectacular edifice) was one of the most far sighted moves both cities had. While Tulsa's depot is not as large, it, too, was a beautiful building built in the early 1930s in the art deco style. All three of these depots came close to disappearing, but thank fully they were saved. Thanks for posting this video.

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    Thank You for the video, it was very nice. I was at Union Station in December and wanted to see inside, but a sign was posted reserving the station section, not the trainshed, for hotel guests. The hotel owns the entire stone edifice now. I guess I am too nice. I should have gone in.
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    My daughter and son in law stayed in the hotel last October, and they told us that there were many empty shopping areas in the mall (train shed) area. They were told that a redo was in the works with new shops coming when it was finished. I will say that if the hotel does not allow people to walk through and look at that beautiful building that many of the potential customers will not come to look and shop. The main draw to that area is the depot and not the shops, as far as I am concerned. I don't see how they can keep people out of the public areas because they are, well, public. People walk through hotel lobbies and other buildings all the time. It doesn't make sense to me. I agree with you that you should have gone on inside. I have actually gone into some areas that I probably would not have been permitted if they had seen me, but all I was doing was looking. It would be a shame if that building became the attraction for only those who can afford the high room rates.

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    Thanks for posting this video. I remember going into this station with my dad in 1969-70. It was a little run down back then, but we could still take the train from Owensboro/Mt. Vernon on The L&N into the original shed. I remember going to the zoo for the day and taking the train back the same day.

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    Stayed in the hotel last April and posted photos here recently. I was told the station had the largest shed in the world once upon a time. I think they said 48 trains could be set under it.
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    The link that Gregg posted on February 20, 2014 seems to be broken. I got an error message when I tried to watch the video. Would one of the administrators please help us?

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    Me Too! Ooops That page can't be found!
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    Maybe this is it -
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