Seligman and Beyond layout

Discussion in 'General' started by Ozarktraveler, Mar 15, 2017.

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    Bridge floor has been installed and a train has made two loops. Need to level the track out and add feeder wires to this section, then glue it down.


    Incidentally, the Central Valley Model Works instructions for the 1906 bridge girders (Pratt 150' Truss) were a little sparse, but a picture from the 'girder only' ad supplied the lacking alignment guidance for assembling the A-B girders.
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    Definitely challenging my skill level.

    Going to have to putty some of the joint gaps and the gusset plates cover some flaws, but the angle cuts are workable so far.
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    Looking good so far Graig.
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    That Central Valley bridge will look great. The one downside to modeling West Texas is the lack of bridges.
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    Sides 1 and 2 girders assembled. Many gussets, cross braces, and side braces to go.
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    There oughta be a lot of shallow gullies and washes in west Texas that need low pile trestles.
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    The detail is nice, the writer of the instructions and I, are on different wavelengths. I had to use videos, pictures from ads and more to figure out what steps meant or how to pull them off and I'm not quite done. Whether that's on him or me, who knows. I probably should've used a miter box of sorts, too. That said, it is still a nice model.

    Not for beginners.
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    Test fitting. Still needs shoes, top cross braces, side braces and the gaps filled, but together enough to use while the kids and grandkids are here.
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    Oops. Hand Controller (HC2) executed an unauthorized dynamic gravity test. Gravity still works, but the display screen is the worse for wear. HC appears to work but the display needs to be replaced. Will be sending it in for repair.

    Need to invest in a holster to attach a lanyard to it.

    Fun was being had...
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