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    The section gang motor car and tool house at Pascola, Mo on my Caruthersville Branch.

    I'll try to include a parts list with specific mfg. numbers sometime. For anyone aspiring to scratchbuild structures it's a good starting point.

    I used all Evergreen products, save the windows which were stock Campbell Scale Model windows. Lap siding was used, with Evergreen HO 2x6 strip on the corners and framing the motor car door opening.

    For the door I used car siding (don't have the board spacing available); the roof is .040 styrene with sections of HO 2x4 for the rafters underneath.

    Note that this is NOT from any Frisco prototype plans; I used plans an old MR article by Gordon Odegaard on MoPac standard wayside structures. From the few pics I've seen in the old Frisco Employees Magazines, it looks good enough.

    For paint, I'm assuming standard depot gray with white trim and green fireproof paint on the roof. If anyone knows otherwise, let me know before I get too far along!

    The building is set back a scale 14' from the track C/L per an old FEM article. Now to kitbash my Durango Press motor car and put on the wooden rails,
    and the local section gang can speed up and down the line!

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    The long-gone one at Dixon, MO. Motorcar Shed.jpg
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