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    Below is a photo by the late Doug Hughes appeared in the random feed today. It was taken on a branch line "somewhere". (I'm sure it's a Frisco branch.)

    Do any of you recognize this scene and if so, from which branch line it was taken?


    Here's a link that I hope will take you to this collection of Doug Hughes photos that (I assume) are of the same branch line:

    Some of these photos very much represent what I mentally see in my mind for some of the scenery scenes I hope to create "someday" on my KC&G "Ozark Sub" layout.

    Thanks for any input!

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    It looks like one of the many springs in the eastern Ozarks of Missouri to me, but I don't recognize any with the bridge. The nearest branch line would be the Current River Branch. It goes right by Big Spring at Chicopee.

    Doug's comment says that the photo was taken on the Fort Wood Branch in November of 2009, and the numbering places it right in the middle of other photos taken at the same date and location.

    Ken McElreath
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    Thanks Ken.

    Fort Leonard Wood Branch, eh?

    No captions appear for me after clicking the photo to bring up the pop up window to sequentially view the photos.

    Wonderful pics.

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    That brings back memories, that picture was taken 85/86 by Kevin Kassay, he and I were asked by Doug Hughes to go take them as I believe he was living in Maryland at the time. We took a number of photos of the trestles that we could readily access at the time, mind you this was long before Google maps. The only two original trestles left on the line are at mpg 10.7 and 12, both have designs in place for replacement at some future date. The spring in the image is called Shanghai Spring, it is a deep spring blue/green in color with a pretty good discharge. The water crosses a county road (Teak Lane) and then flows under the branch through 3 large culverts into the Big Piney. A few years ago the original culverts had rusted through and the rail line began to settle, we dug them out and replaced them, it was a unique project. One other interesting piece of history, back in 2017 this area had a major flood, the rail line was completely submerged and the trestle/through truss bridge at MO 12 was under water.

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    Thanks for the input, Brad!

    Thanks for the link, Keith! That contemporary aerial shot looks nothing like the cool pic that Kevin Kassey took of the scene!

    The above pic I referenced is influencing my "Buck Holler" vignette scene on my KC&G layout.


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