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    Replicating the look of hand laid-track with flex track is quite simple. I wil nind a more detailed description if I can but for now all you would need to do is turn the track over and cut out a tie here and there and then stretch and turn the others between them to various angles. This technique looks better with the Micro Engineeing track. On the Code 55 issue, my suggestion would be to only use it on little used industrial spurs for effect.

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    Thanks for all the ideas guys. I appreciate it.

    While looking through some old photos on the SA&AP this morning, I found at the Texas Transportation Museum a workers sketch of the SA&AP yard and depot dated 1924. Not much to it. Certainly not as elaborate as Yoakum.

    Here are the pics.



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    You are getting some very professional results, clean and well organized I salute you. I myself am putting together track work for my layout and the Short Line "Missouri, Lake Ozark & Southern." Mine is a made up affair supported by my own train decals provided by "RailGraphics." I do not have a full room such as you have dedicated, but am hoping to end up with much of what you seek but less grand and most likely less organized. Two towns at opposite ends of room, small industry to obtain revenue, Grain Elevators, and Missouri farmland between the two. Someone asked if anyone still uses pencils and paper that is me:confused: . With a lot of erasure! Then a lot of lay it out and see if it works. I intend to use the same lay out for when use my Frisco equpment so much will be left generc but on Frisco building style. I hope to incorporate as one fellow talked about enough things to slow down the trip around the layout and make it interesting to the observer. Best Wishes with your project and may it give you hours of pleasure just as it looks like it has already. Ricky|-|

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    Hey Ricky,

    Thank you so much. I am very grateful to everyone's help here on the board. They have been very helpful and the layout looks to be a complete winner.

    I am moving into a new home over the next 30 days. After that it is time for bench work and start working on locomotives. I may have a bigger room available to me, so that will help stretch the N/S sides to lengthen the trip.

    I will continue to add to this thread as construction begins.

    Thank you, and again thanks to all!

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    I would like to second the notion of using ME code 70 and code 55 flex track. I used the same on a small switching layout and I had no problem with the code 55 track; RP 25 wheel sets worked fine. The ME track has very good detail, and in my opinion, using the smaller rail goes a long way to enhance the look of branch lines, back tracks, and pre-war era layouts.

    The attached photos show the ME code 55 track.


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    Mike Scott! There's a baseball name that I've not thought of in a long time! Didn't he throw a no-hitter to clinch the division in '86?
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    Sept 25, 1986 against the Giants to clinch the West. It was a Thursday afternoon, businessman's special, two buddies and I ditched work to watch. Below the baseball card, I have my ticket stub, which was autographed my Mike Scott.

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    Well, I have some good news and some changes. New home, but a little smaller room for a layout. I will need to amend my plan a little. It will be a little bit, but I will start on it and post up again for some feedback.



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    Some changes are in order. I have to downsize a little due to space requirements in the home. I don't have the space I thought I would allocated. I need to take measurements to have the area exact so I can redesign.

    I will take careful consideration into all the ideas and suggestions here and will post up shortly.

    My locomotive fleet is almost complete. I'll have some 20+ engines of various sorts. Rolling stock continues to be acquired. Also, I have collected a great deal of Branchline, Bar Mills, Bantas, Campbell, and Brookline buildings, period of the time.

    I'm excited.

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    Revised History of the San Antonio de Bexar Railroad Company

    In 1913 Uriah Lott, the owner of the SA&AP received a huge influx of cash from B.F. Yoakum, the President and owner of the Frisco. They were great friends and Yoakum had a keen interest at the time in the SA&AP. The SA&AP met up with the Frisco in Kerrville, TX. The Frisco exercised trackage rights to Kerrville, using it heavily to access San Antonio and the region. This was to not only put pressure against the Southern Pacific economically, but was a personal matter between Yoakum and the head of the Southern Pacific at that time, William Sproule.

    Although the cash helped the strapped SA&AP, the SP eventually did a hostile takeover. In 1925, the SA&AP was absorbed into the SP. SP slowly abandoned the main parts of the SA&AP which were duplicates of their own mains.

    The San Antonio de Bexar Railroad Company is a twist on the history where Uriah Lott received the money from Yoakum. Uriah trusted Yoakum so he gave controlling power over the SA&AP to the Frisco. Yoakum, who hated the Southern Pacific, kept the SA&AP alive under its own, forming a conglomerate, registered as the San Antonio de Bexar Railroad Company. The Frisco and the SP hatred continued and the Frisco acquisition kept the SP out of San Antonio and the region for many, many years.

    That's the story behind the creation of the San Antonio de Bexar (SABRR) Railroad Company.

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    I love it!
    ps: I see that you are using one of your "new" design logo's. :cool:

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    Thanks Sherrel. A lot of people have been asking me about my railroad here. Many Texan's were not aware that the Frisco came as far south as Kerrville which is Northwest of San Antonio, just outside of Fredericksburg. The SA&AP had a dedicated line straight to Fredericksburg which made it a pretty good sum of money and helped it interchange with other roads, like the Frisco. Lott and Yoakum's friendship is a bonafide fact. They really liked one another. I used that as the central theme of the modification to history. I'm deep in SP territory, so I don't get many positives because of that fact. I don't care. I never liked the SP either!

    Yes, the new logo's are awesome! I'm going to have them made up so I can decal. Keith's, which I have as my avatar is going to look great on the revenue cars and cabooses. I'm thankful to him and Mike for their submissions. We've got a great bunch of guys here on the board. Proud to be a part of it!

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