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    Cool pictures today from the St. James library. Will be going back to search more! I’m going to break this down into a few different posts. Let’s start with bridges.


    This was labeled Steelville Bridge. What bridge?? Is this the trestle over Yadkin Creek? I’m hoping someone can help with this one.


    This obviously is labeled as Meramec Bridge; but which one? Birds Nest or Goltra?
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    This photo of an engine was captioned. Sadly it’s not a great quality photo.
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    Today’s research also provided some insight into the various mining spurs, including a definite spur to Marsh Iron Mine.


    This picture is awesome. Check out the Frisco cars, ready to be filled with hematite. Obviously, there was a spur to the mine operated by Frisco.


    There are a lot of awesome photos of the iron mining operation at Cherry Valley, as well as the Cherry Valley Railroad. They documented the operation well.


    Cars being loaded with iron ore at Cherry Valley Iron Mines


    Tram lines running into one of the mines at Cherry Valley


    Steelville Iron Bank No. 1 was once a stop on Time Tables for the Salem Branch, so it likely also had its own short spur.
  4. First bridge picture during when its was being constructed. This is funny. I was about to post this same picture tonight.

    I was assuming it was the 1st steel frame bridge over the Meramec River at Birds Nest. But you pose a good question? Looking at the construction picture again, the drainage looks small and narrow. If a river, the width of the drainage would be much wider. Also, the distance upward to the rails is small. If over the Meramec river, the height of the bridge piers would much higher. There are wood piles; no stone bridge piers.
    OK! I will vote for Yadkin Creek.


    That is the Birds Nest truss bridge. In my younger years, I was Meramec River canoe floating guide for the BSA. This is the 2nd or 3rd bridge over the Meramec at this location. Bridgehunters said that the Birds Nest truss bridge was not the first bridge at that location.
    I agree.

    If there was a prior metal bridge [no picture of that yet] there is also a possibility that the first bridge at that location could have been all wood. With high and fast flooding, an all wooden bridge could of had a limited life. If so, the present bridge at the Birds Nest is the 3rd bridge at that location. With the railway starting construction at Cuba in 1871, they might of made a decision for a fast construction and an all wooden bridge over the Meramec to quickly get on for 35 miles to Salem. Maybe Jacob could find some old newspaper clips about that phase of the construction.

    Today, the present bridge has two girders, open above and below. No truss. Has Concrete piers.

    The prior truss bridge had stone piers. Those still remain. unused.
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  5. Map shows Yadkin Creek, Steelville, Birds Nest railway bridge and more.

    [scroll down] Service times at Salem, MO by the St. Louis Salem & Little Rock Railroad
    and the Salem Eastern Railroad [ correct legal name ] Nov. 11, 1881 with company officers.

    Later 1881 was also when the Sligo Branch finished construction from Sligo Jct. to Sligo Furnace Company.


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  7. At the bottom, is the Salem & Eastern railroad, Nov. 1881.
    That railway went from Salem, MO to Riverside Mine.

    Several other SLSF routes are shown.

    1881 is when the Sligo Branch connected the St. L S & L R mainline to Sligo
    and the Sligo Furnace.
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  8. By the trees in the background being on both sides of the heavy truss bridge,
    I would say that is at Birds Nest. This is where the approaching route
    is headed perpendicular to the river.

    If it were at Goltra there would not be trees to the left.
    That is where the approaching route was heading parallel to the river.

    View attachment 44507 is a wood pole pilings tressel is at Yadkin.
    View attachment 44508 is at Bird's Nest. A heavy duty truss bridge over the Meramec River. It has stone pilings. How being unloaded, those still exist today.
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    Looks like excerpts from the Official Railway Guide and not an ETT.
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    @mountaincreekar , Karl Brand is correct, this is not an ETT.
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    Currently the earliest Employee Time Table posted on is the System Wide ETT dated April 24, 1898.
    Otherwise the closest are a group of Division Time Tables that are dated May 24, 1914.
    Central Division
    Eastern Division
    Northern Division
    River Division
    Western Division
    Kansas Division
    Southeastern Division
    Red River Division
    Ozark Division
    and the SLSF & Texas Ft Worth & Rio Grande Employee Timetable Supplement
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