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    Unlike Andre Ming, I was born with ten thumbs. My proposed S scale layout will be constucted in the tradition of the beginnings of my first HO "empire" which was kept as simple as possible. I even built the Atlas HO layout "Simplicity & Great Plains" which was on a 4X6 sheet of plywood.

    I protolanced (a term probably not used in 1961) the Frisco using what little Ready-to-Run models that were on the market at the time, along with Champ and Walthers decals. My ten thumbs were given help with a new found friend I met in a Tampa, Florida, hobby shop.

    He was modeling the Atlantic Coast LineĀ“s black and yellow motive power. Ho Ha, help is on the way! His Athearn GP7 and my Frisco geep were no contest winning models but we followed the slogan that Model Railroader used at the time, "Model Railroading is Fun!"

    Fast Foward to 2012. I have been conducting a study of sorts to insure I make as few mistakes as possible in this new S scale venture. I am now considering which track to use. The one brand I have in mind appears to be simular to the former HO Ready-Track that was manufacturerd by Tru-Scale. It replaced my Atlas brass snap-track on the S&GP after I started throwing the Tampa Times evening paper. I was model railroading in Tall Cotton!

    Are there any modelers in HO or S scale who have used the track manufactured by Custom Trax? I found their site on the NMRA Directory of Web Sites. They have also advertised in Railroad Model Craftsman. It appears to be just right for a man born with Ten Thumbs!

    Any help and/or comments are welcomed.

    Joe Toth

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