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    In my quest for models unique to the Frisco, I decided the modified S-2 was a must. The basic model is the Atlas S-2 from which I removed the cab and all molded on grab irons. From the few photos I've seen the new nose resembled an Alco RS-2 and that's what I used for the modification. After installing it and using Squaron Green for the splice cover, I filled in the walkway and added a piece for the handrail. I then installed new grabs (I had to fab the arced corner grabs), Alco style lift rings, and modified the end handrails to accept a walkover. A coat of basic black paint and Oddball decals completed the model. Larry F.
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    Larry -
    Would like to see pics of your S-2B! Neat project, I've thought of doing the same thing (though I only have one S-2 model, still an undec, and am not sure I want to cut it up).
    We will have a series of shots of SLSF 292 (pre-wreck) posted to the archives shortly, including yours which shows the right side and rear, plus one I had showing the left side and nose. Also included will be a pic of 292 as the S-2B. There is already another of it as the S-2B posted in the archives several months back.
    She ran as a booster with SW9's, etc on the hump at Tennessee Yard until 1966, when she lost her crankshaft, and that was that. She was the first Frisco Alco S-2 to leave the roster, as a trade-in to EMD.

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  4. Larry F.

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    Thanks Ken. I'm still learning to navigate this new site so I just managed to post this one photo. I will master this before my next photo op. Larry
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    Larry, that's a nice looking model. Got sound? It's a pretty easy installation with the Soundtraxx AT-1000. Let me know if I can help.
  6. magistrate

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    When did the Frisco shops give her the new nose after the incident which damaged her cab?
  7. FriscoCharlie

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    That's great Larry!

  8. gjslsffan

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    Great model for sure Larry. Still learning my way around this outfit too. I kinda miss not being able to see all new posts no matter what scale or venue.
    There are so many layers to this new design, that I am afraid I may miss something. I didnt even know you posted this, and would have never known, If Ken Wulfert hadn't posted a comment, thats an issue for me as I want to see all of the input here whether I like it or not :):)
    That is a clean, well put together representation of the loco. And thanks for taking the time to post it in the new software.
  9. meteor910

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    Alco S-2's SLSF 290-294 were obtained in a five unit order from Alco for these popular S-2 1000HP, 539-engine powered switchers, all delivered to the SLSF in late 1948-early 1949. The Alco "S-series" was one of the most popular and successful switchers ever. Some of them are still in use. All five of the Frisco versions had a successful career, lasting until 1967 (292), 1968 (291), 1969 (290 & 294), and 1971 (293). SLSF 292 had the most unusual career of the five - in 1958, SLSF 292 was involved in a yard accident in which its cab end was almost totally destroyed in a crunching collision. Since the Frisco liked its S-2's, and being ever-thrifty, it was decided to retain the damaged 292 by simply removing the damaged cab and making it into an Alco S-2 "B-unit" with m/u connections, such that it could be used for additional power with the EMD SW9's then used on the hump at Tennessee Yard, south of Memphis. It served well in that capacity until 1967, when its crankshaft broke, doing damage that ended its life as an active locomotive. It was subsequently traded in to EMD, likely for a SW1500.
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    Wow, great looking model. It's' great that we have members that know a lot of Frisco history as well as locomotive and rolling stock modifications for the benefit of all.
  11. meteor910

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    Tom Holly - When you log in to the "new" frisco.org site, one of the first things you should do is to click on the "New Posts" button up at the top of the web page at the right end of the blue bar under the Frisco herald. That will bring up all the new posts you have yet to read, helping you to be sure you haven't missed anything. It's the first thing I do after logging in.

  12. Larry F.

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    Thank you one and all for the compliments-it means a lot to me. I would like to take a moment to thank the membership because these projects would not come to fruition without all the information from the members and their unselfish sharing. I'm proud to be a member. Larry
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    Good looking example of prototype modeling, Larry - thanks very much for sharing. What can we look forward to next from your workbench? :)
  14. Larry F.

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    I'm almost finished with the steam generator car. Due to too many unfinished projects on my part, I had a friend build the brake sled for me and it is a jewel-I'll be posting it before long. Larry

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