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    I joined the group a while ago and had a question. I volunteer at IRM (Illinois Railway Museum) at Union Illinois, and I work on Frisco 1630. I am looking for any Frisco Russian Decapod blue prints that still exist. We have some in our collection, but are missing some. Does own any prints, or do you know of any groups that own prints that can be copied?
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    Sorry I dont have any prints for the 1630. Im interested in the 1630 as it is one of the decapods that my Grandfather ran working as an engineer for the Eagle Pitcher RR in Northeast Oklahoma. Im looking for any photos of the engine while it was in service on the EP. Specifically Im looking for a picture of my grandfather in or around any of the decapods. Thanks for any help!
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  3. Decapod Frisco St. Louis Baldwin Union Illinois 1630 Railroad Steam Train Postcard

    As the Frisco began retiring the class, they sold 1615, 1621, 1625, 1630, and 1632 to the Eagle Picher Mining Company in October 1951. Thirteen years later, Eagle Picher donated all five to various sites. In engine number order, the recipients were Altus, OK, National Museum of Transport in St Louis, Texas State Fair Association in Dallas, TX, Illinois Railway Museum in Union, IL and the Smoky Hill Railway and Historical Society of Ottawa, KS.


    Frisco No. 1630 was built in March 1918 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works for the Russian Government as a 5 foot gauge engine. Because the Russian Revolution it was kept in the USA. Then it was modified for standard gauge. First operated by the Pennsylvania Railroad, before being sold to the St. Louis–San Francisco Railway. It was first assigned as a mixed traffic engine until the end of the steam era in the 1950's. Then next it was sold to Eagle-Picher who used it to haul lead ore to a smelting plant. It was eventually purchased by the Illinois Railway Museum.

    The SLSF Railway acquired 20 of the Russian "Decapods. Seventeen of the units were assigned directly to the Frisco and three were acquired from elsewhere. The 1600 class, Frisco's numbered 1613 to 1632. Eleven (1613-1623) were built by the Richmond Locomotive Works in 1917 & 1918. 1624 was built by the Brooks Locomotive Co,. 1625 the manufactured by Schenectady Locomotive Works. The later seven engines 1626-1632 were constructed by Baldwin in 1918. Eight of the Decapods numbers 1614, 1615, 1618, 1621, 1625, 1627, 1630 & 1632 were coal burners. Some others were oil burners.

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