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    Did Rudy Patrick Seed have any vehicles or RR rolling stock lettered for Rudy Patrick Seed?

    What brand name was on their product? Rudy Patrick Seed?

    In what type of seed did they specialize?

    Kent in KC
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    I'm trying to find informaiton about Rudy Patrick also. The Frisco track charts in the West Bottoms shows three large buildings all RP. What would go in out of these buildings? For my layout I'm actually thinking about changing the occupants to give it more variety. Aberthany Furniture may get moved.
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    Kent and John,

    I also have been researching Rudy-Patrick Seed Company. The company was formed near the turn of the last century. One of the co-founders was Howard S. Patrick. He died during August 1946.

    The company was a major wholesale seed merchant. References indicate additional facilities in St. Joseph, MO, Nampa, ID and Princeton, IL. The reference for the St. Joseph facility indicates it was serviced by the CB&Q.

    Products identified so far included a wide variety of grass seeds including lawn, turf and wild grasses, agriculture seeds for alfalfa and corn and garden seeds for tomatoes. I suspect that they also handled other seed varieties.

    Lettering on their buildings including the large warehouse at 1212 W. 8th St. read "Field - Feed - Grass". Brand names associated with the company have included Royal Brand Seeds and Royal Quality Seeds.

    I have also located a reference to the company supplying Ponderosa Pink Tomato seed stock to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 1961. The material implies this was a new variety of tomato at the time.

    Another reference indicates that Toby Tobin got his early career start using Rudy-Patrick seeds. In addition to a successful career in the lawn and grounds maintenance business, he is also has a popular radio talk show on lawn care in the local broadcast market.

    The references also indicate other major competitors in the Kansas City market included J. G. Peppard Seed Company and Tobin Seed Company.

    Hope this helps.


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    I don't know about vehicles, but a quick scan through the 1943 Official Register of Railway Equip. does not show any privately-owned rolling stock for Rudy Patrick.

    Best Regards,
  6. Working on models of this area and Rudy Patrick Seed Company and Peppard Seed Company, just east of RP.

    What sort of rail traffic would have come and gone in the 1950s? Both have rail docks, RP on the Frisco and and MP, and Peppard on the MP.

    Updating an old thread.

    Chuck Wille
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    Rail traffic to the seed companies would have been boxcars.
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  8. Keith:

    Thanks for your quick response. Actually after reading it, I looked through my collection of photos, and discovered the answer. (I find I miss things in photos if I don't look carefully for a specific answer.) I found a very old photo (1920s I think) of a boxcar on the Frisco track west of Rudy Patrick with a wooden grain door installed. Also had a 1950s (mine modeling time is 1954) photo showing a boxcar at the Peppard Seed dock with a wooden grain door, others lined up just east of the elevator, and a couple of boxcars with doors closed lined up in front of the newer portion of Peppard seed just west of the elevator, presumably to load bags or sacks of seed for shipment to customers.

    I wasn't sure of them receiving grain boxcars, which is why I asked the question, although I was pretty sure for Peppard as they had the elevator. I didn't discover the Frisco boxcar photo at Rudy Patrick until after I sent the note yesterday. So after that discovery I looked back through my Peppard photos and found what I mentioned above. Sorry to bother you with a question I already had part of the answer to.

    Thanks again,

    Chuck Wille
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    CHUCK -- Let's be specific here -- The only "dumb" question is the one not asked!
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